Monday, May 19, 2008

Babs removes icon from dock, puts it on lapel

I was looking at this photo of Barbara Walters this morning thinking the flower thing on her lapel looks awfully familiar. Then I realized where I've seen it. On my computer! It looks just like the puff of smoke icon on a Mac which shows up when you remove an icon from the dock.

This magical flower (above) shows up when you remove Star Jones from the View.

Okay, that wasn't even funny. It's like I'm not even trying!


Rbastid said...

How I wish I was on a computer with Photoshop so I can add a nice little photo of when Chris Matthews thought a Mac Air was a protective cup for his MSNBC baseball game.

I'm beyond the point of bored when I think of Chris Matthews in a athletic supporter, or David Gregory in bondage gear.....oh yeah Davey.

Joe said...

Between Ellen Degeneres announcing her wedding plans and Barbara Walters revealing her affairs from the 1850s, it's quite a time for celebrity news.

But I was just thinking about all the things happening this coming weekend (in addition to BBQs and picnics):

1. Three day weekend
2. Alison scheduled on Chelsey Lately Friday night
3. The Indy 500 Sunday afternoon
4. The Phoenix spacecraft landing on Mars Sunday night

OK - no one else may be excited about #4, but anyone with a nickname like "spaceagent" has to be.

In the unlikely event that anyone IS interested, here's a great video about how Phoenix is going to land on the Red Planet:

I'll be waiting for the first pictures to come in...

Toddrod said...

Okay, I thought that was funny. Maybe because I pictured Star Jones disappearing in a puff of white powder from those yummy mini donuts.


Ted from Accounting said...

I'm a PC / Windows user...I don't get it! :)