Monday, May 19, 2008

At the gym; defeat

I've decided to take my life in my hamds and blog from the elliptical machine. Not only is it probably inteerfering with my workoit but its also intefering with my ability to type om this small keypad. This sentence took m$e thiryt miniutes. Not realluy. Okay, I give up. Score one for the startrac. I hate you vile machine.
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Rbastid said...

You need to upgrade to the Blackberry with video, then we can have Live Rosen from everywhere in the world....everywhere.

Rbastid said...

PS maybe you should head to Central Park today for the Wii Fit event. That can be your new exercise.

Toddrod said...

I think it is admirable that you blog while doing your workout. It is a much better way to blog than I think a lot of busy men would choose. I just worry about your work out intensity. I hope the blogging is not making your workout so mellow that you aren't gaining the benefits of your workout! I'm just a concerned citizen.