Monday, May 05, 2008

Still at the gym; reality tv

Still at the gym where I'm thinking about reality television, more specifically my unironically beloved keeping Up With The Kardashians and I have to say that it's weird to me how much the sister fued chronicled in the last two episodes really stirred up my own emotions. Did I ever tell you that my own sister and I once went to couples counseling? It didn't work unfortunately, she just couldn't get past the fact that were related, and no matter how many times I tried to explain that our shared background was a plus, not a minus, she just couldn't. Said she thought of me like a brother. But I don't see it as a failure of the psychiatric community. Nay! On the contrary I really feel like we got to know ourselves from the experience and think we're only stronger. But really, I found the kardashians resonating on a level deeper than I would have liked and I may have squeezed out a few sympathy tears along with kim which surprised me. I was thinking about when you get to that point, or someone gets to it with you where the empathy just dries up and they're clearly going through something or they think they are and all you can do is laugh because it doesn't seem authentic to you. Or because you're so hurt you feel like until they understand you, you won't try to understand them. You know? No! Okay nevermind. But I do wish khloe had sounded a little more compassionate on her message to kim before kim pulled the storm out psych out maneuver which I thought was some grade A malarkey. And what was with her makeup being off and on and off and on? First I thought they must not have brought their makeup artist to colorado, but apparently he flew in between the crying jag and kim going in the hot tub.

I take no responsibility for this post. My blackberry seems to have fallen into the hands of a fourteen year old girl. Please forgive her. She's easily exciteable because she just got braces tightened.

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Ted from Accounting said...

Email sent to F&F!

One thing on this exercise marathon you've been on...stay hydrated!

When I was kid, Bossom Buddies freaked me out!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the Kardashian:

"Kim Kardashian is just mouth and no action."


Toddrod said...

You know this post reminded me, I had once asked on the Activity Pit if you would be willing to post a picture of you when you had braces. However, I thought about it, and I think that probably seems a little creepy. So, I apologize for accidentally coming across as a big perv!