Monday, May 05, 2008

Clip from Fox & Friends this morning


Joe said...

How dare you people insult my former governor - Howard Dean.

F&F should ask my opinion of him, but unfortunately their show is only 2 hours long. Dean's a wacko. He's nuts. He's crazy. He's looney-tunes. Did I mention he's a wacko?

Rbastid said...

Caught this as I got ready to leave for work, you really looked Totes-Adorbs Allison.

Its great to see over a 3 day period the Redeye alumni are taking over Fox and Friends, Greg, Andy, You, K-God.

Fox has a goldmine of talent brewing from new generation of reporters.

Hugh said...

That was a debate? The media discussion of this election amounts to discussion of discussion. I guess you'd call that metadiscussion. In the meantime, I have a concussion and ate a cushion.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the video:

"What was it they were gonna say about the diabetes ?"

-----Halle Berry

bradleyejones said...

One word Alison:


As usual, I'd never get up that early to be on F&F though. :)