Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Screen grabs from Hannity & Colmes? Well, if you insist...


Anonymous said...

Quote of the photo:

"Alec Baldwin is a popinjay "

---Bill O'Reilly

Joe said...

Yes - of course we insist!

Sweet said...

alec baldwin, on your shoulder makes you happy...alec baldwin, in your eyeline can make you cry..alec baldwin, underwater looks so lovely...alec baldwin, almost always calls while high

tyty *curtsy* in lieu of roses please throw money--preferably bills as the coins sting a bit when flung

Anonymous said...

Green makes some envious. I like the color green for it's calming affect.


Ted from Accounting said...

Ok, here are Ted's Screen Caption Titles:

Pic 1: Look at me I'm on Hannity and Combs

Pic 2: "Oh no you just didn't!"

Pic 3: "If you don't invite me back, I'm gonna cry!