Thursday, May 15, 2008

I can tell...

that I'm already a fan of the Denise Richards reality show. Memorial Day Weekend can't come soon enough! Unless maybe I'm just a fan of the commercials? I just hope the show lives up to the commercials because they've set the bar ridiculously high/low.

Speaking of commercials, am I the only one who thinks the commercials are kind of ruthless? The ones where they show a passive-aggressive couple making promises to each other, promises like "I promise not to tell anyone that you pluck the hair in between your eyebrows," "I promise not to tell anyone that your family is insane," "I promise not to tell anyone that you wet the bed on a regular basis," "I promise not to tell anyone about your DUI's," "I promise not to tell anyone that it took you three tries to pass the bar and by that point not even your close friends thought you would pass it," "I promise not to tell anyone that you have a speech impediment and also, you're tone deaf." "I promise not to tell anyone that the way you sneeze bugs me," etc. Maybe I'm just too sensitive? On behalf of strangers?


Rbastid said...

I've yet to see the trailer for this show, but heres to hoping she's batshit insane and Richie Sambuca is drunk 90% of the time.

Worse then those commercials is the test themselves. One asked how you feel about fat people, and disgusted was an answer, i picked adventurous.

You should be spending this time of yours not working searching out how many Dunkin Doughnuts there are in the city and get sick on iced coffee.

Word Verification Word: Keetps
as in
"I did Keetps all dat stuff you gave me"

Even your blog security have a sense of humor it seems.

Anonymous said...

I can tell....this story. My friend, and I use the word friend loosely, called me up from the road. He's carrying a load of circus animals from the east to the west coast on a semi and was tuckering out. I said for God's sake man, pull over at a rest-stop and take a freakin' shower and go to sleep. I told him he's been drivin' all day, and probably smells of swine, or worse, pork rinds.

Also, I left one of my surround sound speakers on my patio, and some pis-ant cut the wires and stole it. If I find them, they are gonna have alot of explaining to do. But other than all that,it's all good in my hood.

The track for the day:

A Country Boy Can Survive - Hank Williams Jr. (Bocephus.)


Anonymous said...

Quote of the pre-memorial day:

"Hey, why wasn't my show mentioned !!!"

---Charlie Sheen

Joe said...

Wow - do I feel out of step. I didn't know Denise Richards was getting a reality show. Am I the only person who thinks the whole reality show cycle is overdone and about to end? I predict westerns will make a big comeback.

And I don't remember ever seeing a commercial. Maybe I've just zipped through them. Why are commercials these days so AWFUL? I mean Shamwow, Kinoki and anything that Billy Mays hawks... do viewers really buy those things??? Those folks should be sued just for being so annoying.

Ted from Accounting said...

The worst reality show ever was "The Average Joe!" I always liked to see the look on the beauty queen's face when they brought out all these ordinary guys!