Saturday, May 03, 2008

At the gym; sleepy

Well here I am at the gym. I can't even say what I'm working on because I'm working on not falling asleep. I've never encountered so much difficulty getting out the door. My eyes are rejecting being open and my body is rejwecting being upright. It gives my face the scrunched up pained expression you'd see on a newborn baby with a hangover, except I'm not hungover. I'm so tired that if there was a coffin next to me that was open, empty and had a pillow in it and also didn't smell, I would consider climbing in and taking a nap. That's not a cry for help. Um, I don't really know why I feel this way since I got a decent amount of sleep last night. The only other time I felt like this was when my sister and I went to france before she studied abroad in italy. We have pictures of me sleeping in a variety of locations. Just resting my eyes really. Well actually there are some of me all dressed up to go out, asleep. I remember her constant refrain: 'don't sleep on public tranportation.' Anyway, then I got the flu or laryngitis or something but then I was okay and then she and her friend who we'd scooped up along the way also came down with it and they were more tired than they'd ever been in their lives and boy did I laugh long and hard at that point. Not that they heard me though, they were asleep. I did what was only fair, took photos of them dressed up to go out, napping. Anyway, that's how tired I feel today and its not a mental sluggishness but a physical one. I wonder if I could sleep on this bike? I'm tempted to try. Not sleep, just rest my eyes. Let's see. Here I go. Twenty five seconds passed. Ugh! Today is not not sucking so far.

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