Saturday, May 03, 2008

At the gym; teleporting

I'm at the gym still. I've been on this bike for thirty six minutes and five, oh, wait eighteen seconds. That just goes to show you how slowly I'm typing. I'm pedaling faster than I'm typing but slower than in a cartoon where a character winds up his feet and then shoots forward. I guess that's kinda obvious though. Were I pedaling that fast I'd probably go shooting through this mirror here and end up sitting on some man's shoulder press, or in some other dimension. I'm not sure what kind of mirror I'm dealing with here: reflective or portal to another galaxy. The important thing is that if I went through it I'd leave a super hot and toned outline of my unbelievable body. Some kind of supermodel went crashing through this, they'd say. We're looking for the lithe body of someone involved in a gym accident. All we know is that she had incredible form and her sweat smelled like ambrosia. Also, birds tended to perch on her shoulders while she was biking. Occasionally they'd help with her sewing. She favored gauzy fabrics. Sometimes she'd set her homemade pies to cool on the handlebars.

God, I know it's kind of weird but I miss myself already! I just hope wherever I am they have wifi. And coffee. And showers, because I didn't get a chance to take one before teleporting and my hair seems to have lost some of its usual bounce and sheen. I was planning on pumping up its volume later.

If you're just now starting to read my blog, you're probably concerned for my sanity. Fear not. I have a tinfoil hat which protects me. It's a tinfoil fez actually. Like I'd be caught in some kind of tinfoil sombrero. Puhleeze!

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Toddrod said...

How bout a tin foil beret? Didn't the weirdo formerly known as Prince sing about that?

Tin foil beret!
The kind you make on the kitchen tile floor.
Tin foil beret!
If it was plastic wrap, it wouldn't form to her skull.
Tin foil beret!
I think she's psycho!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the teleporting'S GYMS:



Ted from Accounting said...

I did 15 mi. on my mountain bike this weekend! Top that miss exercise machine!

Alison said, "If you're just now starting to read my blog, you're probably concerned for my sanity."

What if we are a regular and are concerned? J/K