Friday, May 02, 2008

Another clip from last night's Red Eye


Joe said...

Great show! I kept waiting for someone to make a remark about Greg's makeup, but no one did. I thought Andy would for sure.

Very funny about your 9 year old boyfriend (you WERE kidding - right?)

And nice smack-down on Sherrod. Some night when Greg, Bill and Andy want an easy show, they could just invite Sherrod and Greg Wilson on together. Those two would spend the whole hour talking over each other and everyone else could just sit back and relax.

Wilson was on earlier this week - he wasn't at the table but he STILL kept talking over everyone.

And that's reason #58 why the RosenFans love Alison - she's very well behaved in public :o)

TGIF people. Yippie-Ki-Yay!!

Ted from Accounting said...

The entire show was hilarious! You were at the top of your game! It totally comes down to the chemistry of the guests! Even though Sherrod can be rude, he is still funny! I could tell you were saving that comment you were thinking that is the LAST time someone steps over ME!

I think it was your best performance!

Ted reports, you decide:

Alison = A++

Sherrod = A-

Hot Seat Girl = B+

Greg = A+

Bill = A+

Andy = C+

Joe said...

Nice analysis, Ted. The only addition I would make would be Janine Driver, whom I would give a C+ because she repeated herself several times. And do you think they could have gotten bowling clips from sometime in the past 30 years? I think they still had bowling after 1975.

I agree that Sherrod is very funny - he just needs to reduce the verbosity a bit.

Ted from Accounting said...

Damn, I forgot about that girl! It was nice to see Andy ask Alison of her input on the bowling clip (That is the only reason Andy got a C+). Because we all know that Alison is THE body language expert!

Janine Driver = C-


RosenFans can be so harsh of others and defensive of the queen bee!

Lord Melchior said...

Janine Driver was fine, I don't think she comes up with the material for her segment, so you can't blame her when she's got to watch a bunch of tools bowling on sub-youtube quality video and make jokes about it for 5 minutes. It'd be better if they used some Jerry Springer type video for her segments...