Friday, May 02, 2008

it's important to figure this out for yourself

Here's a deep thought I had this morning which I thought you might also like to have:

If I were a man and not just a man but one who wore a toupee, would it be a good or bad one?

UPDATE: I think I have confused you guys with this question. I don't mean it like if I were a man and my current hair was a toupee. That is crazy! I mean like this, and I realize at this point I'm somewhere between English and the weird language I speak to myself in my head which is understandable only by me, hence, oh well:

In a parallel universe, if I were not me, but instead a man, and one day I had to get a toupee, would I end up being the kind of person who sports a good one or bad one? Would I be that dude walking around with what appears to be an inverted scrub brush plopped on my head? Or would I be more of a Ted Danson type guy? That's what I'm saying. I'm not talking at all about my real life hair which is lustrous and very much attached to my scalp.

And now I'm suggesting that you, also, think about what type of toupee-wearing older gentleman you would be.


Donny Bohac said...

If you're referring to your hair in its current state, it'd be a really good one. Speaking of which, your hair was literally perfected last night by Ms. Hair-and-Makeup. You looked awesome.

Lord Melchior said...

Hopefully a really bad one. When Al Rosen was on Red Eye, it'd be so much funnier. You think Greg would be as funny if he looked like he did when he could see his abs or if Bill would be as funny if he had normal hair and clothes that aren't handmedowns from the circus?

Ted from Accounting said...

Are you a man? Holy crap, I hope not! I would feel so violated about right now! To think I made those "hand drawn" prints of a man wearing a toupee! Gag blah gag yuck, I need to shower like quick!

Alison Rosen, please tell me you that you are still the beautiful 23 year old "female" that I adore!?!?

Your hair was "poofy!" In a good poofy kind of way!

Ted from Accounting said...

LMFAO, just shave your melon! You'd look good bald! It's the "in thang!"

Ted Goodlove looks good any which way you slice or dice him! Word Up!

If someone calls me a Tool....I'll just pull out the Internet Tough guy routine! Argh!

Joe said...

You're assuming there's such a thing as a good toupee. Just which universe is that in again?

I would advise the Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, "The Rock", Sean Connery, Patrick Stewart (aka Star Trek Capt. John-Luc Picard) route - shave it off.

You aren't planning a major life change or anything, are you Alison? Just the thought is gonna give me freaky nightmares.

Lord Melchior said...

To clarify, it depends on to what your bald male alter ego really values. If he's dedicated to scoring chicks then he might get a Danson. If he's devoted to prop comedy then he'd get a Trump.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the bad hair cut:

"So you had to bring up the subject about the Parallel Universe eh ?"

----Tenaj Oner (Janet Reno)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that's an interesting question you pose there. I also fall victim, if one chooses to look at it like that, of only being able to interpretate in a language that is only understood by me. I can't answer the question about how you would be in a toupee'. What intrigues me more is how that thought was triggered in your mind. I have an interpretation in my head of the answer, but I'm sure I'm way off.

As far as my outlook on the toupee by a gentleman thingie. I guess I wouldn't hate on anyone that chose to do that. However, my game-plan is to grow old gracefully and be all naturelle. And something tells me this will be the last of the hair discussion, so I wanted to get in on that. Man, that sure seemed serious didn't it? It wasn't meant to be. Have a good week-end everybody.



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