Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thanks Keyboard Warrior!

This, which was posted on The Activity Pit, is pretty awesome. Clearly I have the most creative fans ever. I bet you guys can fashion a birdcage out of popsicle sticks and bee spit. I bet you can make a lanyard in your sleep. I bet your doilies are unstained and your china unchipped. Okay, those last two things have less to do with being creative than just being old and fastidious which none of you are unless you have kleenex wadded up and tucked into your sleeve in which case you might be an old lady, which is cool. I might be one too.

And since many of you asked: I ended up working until about three in the morning last night and then I got up earlier than I wanted to and finished the story. I'd kind of forgotten about this aspect of being fully freelance (I'm now freelance and am writing for Page Six as well as a bunch of other magazines). Actually, I think I'd forgotten about this aspect of writing—the necessary day of procrastination which isn't really procrastinating at all but taking in an synthesizing all the info you can via research and thinking about the transcription before putting it on the page.

Whoa! Look who's all fancy and hoity-toity and writerly. Did I tell you've I've taken to writing my stories with a quill dipped in ink? It's damaging my computer screen though. Not sure how I'm going to deal with that going forward. Also, I've been carrying around very tiny notebooks so I can jot down important observations like earlier today I wrote "this notebook is too sma". Unfortunately the rest just got on my hand.

Also, in the elevator there was a sign that said that someone has taken to putting a padlock on the "sauna" room and using it as storage and if they don't phone the office immediately it will be cut and emptied and my response to this is: We have a sauna room? Also, what's a sauna room? I find it hard to believe, since this building barely has heat. It's like that dream where you discover there's a secret room you never knew about in your house only this happens to be a room I don't care about. Like if I found a room filled with TVs broadcasting sports. Or a room full of vitamins.


Anonymous said...

The artistic depiction of you is fantastic! Nice job Keyboard Warrior! While reading this blog, I had to laugh at your notebooke being too small because that used to happen to me. However, instead of writing on my clean hand, I would finish a sentence like t
Toddrod i

Joe said...

Very nicely done, Keyboard Warrior!

Alison has the best group on the Activity Pit - bar none. You don't see things like this posted in any of the other groups.

This is an embarrassing admission, but I've never actually fashioned anything out of bee spit. I know, I know.. I need to get with the program. Maybe that's another project I can tackle this weekend.

My weekend is getting a little overloaded people!

Anonymous said...

Ahh that cute little thing I tried to do didn't work. Oh well, maybe I need to stop bein so cute!


Ted from Accounting said...

I'm soooooo glad you liked it! There are two more on my Pit Page (Friend's Blog only).

Keyboard Warrior Goodlove