Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pictures from Idaho

These ones above makes me think of Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown, but that's probably because most things make me think of Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown, Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas or Facts of Life.

Check out my banging red 4-runner rental in the bottom of this shot. "You have fun in that thing, now!" said the security guard as I drove off the lot and then got totally lost and ended up somehow going the wrong way down a one-way street trying to exit the airport. I'm an adult, I should be able to do this! I told myself. Sadly I had to repeat that shameful mantra the following day when a quick coffee run went disastrously awry. Apparently "take a right at the light" short circuits my mental faculties and results in my going about 40 minutes in the wrong direction. But it's not a clean "in the wrong direction." It's muddled by self-doubt which causes u-turns and then thinking I had it right the first time and then thinking, no, I didn't, it's the other way and ultimately the kind of defeat that makes me call my mom to ask for help. But she was at the movies, forgetting our unspoken arrangement that for the entire time I'm in possession of a rental car she'll sit by the computer in case I need to call for directions.


Anonymous said...

Quote to Idaho:

"I wish I could fly to Idaho to tell you how much I hate Gutfeld for mocking me in recent episodes. But the dilemma here is ,I'm afraid of flying...."

Leonard "Flipping the FREE BIRD " Skinnard

Lord Melchior said...

Tell those crazy Idahoans that we like their potatoes, but no thanks for Lou Dobbs. Also, as a journalist keep in mind that frequent trips to the bathroom might score you a Larry Craig interview.

Anonymous said...

See... this is the driving karma you have wrought upon yourself because you didn't like driving in traffic on the 405 in LA.


Joe said...

I'm fairly good at directions and navigation, but I still used to get lost. When someone says, "You can't miss it," you know you're in trouble.

The first time I went to San Francisco, I got there around midnight and my hotel was on Fisherman's Wharf. I made it from the airport to downtown without a problem, but then I got lost around the Bay Bridge for a while. There are so many one-way streets and "No Left Turn" signs there. Sometimes you have to go 10 blocks out of your way before you can turn the way you want.

Very nice, scenic pictures of Idaho!