Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm obsessed with her dog

Also, I like the show. But it's more about the dog. In fact, I wanted not to like the show after New York did their "Best. Show. Ever." cover story, because I'm contrarian and also because I HATE. PERIODS. AFTER. EACH. WORD. It's up there with announcing the number of words you're going to use before using them such as "Two words: mechanical pencils"
(no relevance, mind you, it just happens to be my writing implement of choice, which may surprise you because most people I know prefer some kind of rollerball bullshit, but not I, unless I'm filling out forms or writing checks or something. ANYWAY) This was going to be a post of TV shows I like, however I'm going to cut myself off at the pass because I'm procrastinating, and because you are enabling me with your codependence and your cohabitation and your copayments and your comb overs and your codeine binges and your cones and rods (you have excellent eyesight) and your enmeshment and your herring. Don't think I don't know what you're up to. See, I am on deadline(s) again and so there's no time for us to talk about The Hills, which I'd probably rather talk about than Gossip Girl.

Also, my dad is having a small procedure today (all over lipo and he's getting a new face grafted onto his face) so I am slightly distracted, although I'm sure he will be totally fine.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with your dad and you. It seems like my dad also has had to deal with these procedures the past few months, and it's been a huge source of angst for me. I'm know where you are coming from.


P.S. I'm kinda proud to admit that I have no idea who that blond chick is!

Joe said...

I hope your father gets through the procedure in good shape and recovers quickly. Let us know how it goes.

If I had used mechanical pencils in high school, I could have avoided that nasty incident with the leaking pen and not ruined my school shirt. I'd probably still be wearing it to this day. You have so many life lessons to teach Alison. We should start calling you Yoda. Yoda Rosen.

I lost track of Gossip Girl when they went on that long hiatus. I think there are new episodes now, but I haven't been watching them. I'd probably have to watch a couple of episodes to get back into it and pick up on the story line(s).

I don't know why but my brain is total mush today. Must be yesterday's codeine binge...

Ted from Accounting said...

I recognize the dog but not the woman!

RICH said...

I love the way these short notes from you take me on a wild ride of rapidly changing subjects and emotions. This one is classic and made me dizzy half way through! Your writing is as brilliant as you are beautiful!

Donny Bohac said...

*looks up from work*

Hmm...ok, rundown time.

-Aww, that's sweet, Rich!

-I agree, you're a good writer Alison, but I don't know if you're so much a Yoda as a Kit Fisto -- actually, I just like that guy's name. FISSSSTOOOO!

*memories of Ruf-i-oooo from Hook MUST. SUBSIDE.*

-I agree the "period after each word" thing is annoying. I also find the word period being said aloud to hammer home someone's point to be equally annoying. Really, it sucks, PERIOD.

Oh, and I don't know who that blonde chick is, either, but it doesn't matter because the subject at hand was the dog and how it looks. Alison's smart enough to not alienate her readers like that...even if it's totally subconscious and she didn't realize she made a brilliant move at the time.

So, yeah.

*looks back down at work*

Donny Bohac said...

WOW! I'm a real jerk! I hope everything goes well for your dad, Alison. Sorry I forgot to mention that!