Tuesday, April 22, 2008


If I fuck around after every paragraph that I write, I will never ever ever ever ever (fighting the urge to write an infinity numbers of evers just to avoid doing real work) get this story done. It's like I've never done this before, when I've done it a million times before! I am a bad writer. BAD! It's 9:40pm and I can feel an all-nighter of my own creation coming on. Ugh. So not happy with my work habits right now.

Great, now it's 9:42. I just stared at a blinking cursor for two minutes. Hooray for me!


Ted from Accounting said...

If there is anything we can do (ideas, editing, concepts, yell at you), just let us know! Your faithful bloggers are here to support you!

Your not a bad writer! We all suffer writers block on occasion!

Ted from Accounting said...

"Your" not a bad writer! Now see, I suck at writing! You are one of the most creative writers I've had the fortune of reading! Do you need more compliments? Just let me know!

Good luck with your assignment!

Donny Bohac said...

Well, what are you writing about? You sure have plenty to say when it comes to random stuff that no one else could possibly think about, so how could there be a problem when it comes to writing about something other people probably WILL care about?

Sounds like you're bored with whatever your subject is and are having trouble coming up with an interesting angle to present it with.

Haha, look at me pretending to know something about meeting a deadline.
Anyway, good luck with that.

I'm editing a video of a friend of mine's band, so I'll be on the chat thingie for the first time in probably a year tonight, so if anyone has AIM and wants to chat. Look up "whaddayastoopid" on the ole buddy list.

Seacrest OUT!

Anonymous said...

Love you

Joe said...

I spent 15 minutes last night on a post to the shitake mushroom thing and ended up deleting it because it sounded like garbage. The words of my HS English teacher still haunt me to this day... "It's better to have people THINK you're a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt". He said that to me on more than several occasions.

Anyway, my post was about how I bought a new PC on Monday and it's supposed to be delivered tomorrow, so now I have a new project for the weekend, migrating all my files and software to the new system - except that I'm not looking for a new project since some nice weather has finally arrived here and I'd like to get a chance to enjoy it.

Wow - I'd hate to have to diagram that last sentence, although I'm sure Miss English Major could probably do it with all her brain cells tied behind her back.

Just kidding Alison. I love you too - in a totally hetero kind of way of course.

Joe said...

OK, THIS is the funniest thing I've ever read. The headline is: "Miley Cyrus to Write her Memoirs"

She's 15 years old, and she's writing her memoirs??!!???!!??

I thought you had to be at least 75 and living in a Florida retirement home to do that.

Here's a link to the story: tinyurl.com/5s586s

Anonymous said...

I was gonna say, "somebody needs some nookie!" However, after the previous post, it would be very cruel of me to do that. So I'll just say, hope you aren't having any flashbacks to when you were an English major!


P.S. Your fans love you, even if your friends, family, and coworkers ponder quietly about why you have been cursing so much in your blogs lately.

Donny Bohac said...

People pay attention to how much someone curses? Why?

Know what amazes me? No matter how many "guy" movies I've seen since -- the latest of which would probably be 30 Days of Night, which I didn't care too much for, (see http://whatifgaming.com/this-man-is-legend for my review of it) -- Robocop still remains one of the awesomest "guy" movies around. Even though I've seen it a thousand times, it's still awesome.

Why did I even bring that up? Who knows?

How did things end up going for you last night Alison? Did you finish your work? Are you proud of yourself?

Joe said...

I don't mind people swearing, but I rarely fling explatives myself. I grew up in a Catholic family and went to Catholic schools from K thru 12. Swearing was specifically frowned upon.

My parents weren't that strict, but you know the old saying "wash your mouth out with soap"? Well, my father actually did that to me once. I was pretty young and I think I said "damn" to my mother or something. So anyway, now I only swear when I'm really, REALLY upset. Like when Alison is only on Red Eye for 20 minutes. Grrrrrrr...

Speaking of English, I had the greatest English teacher ever in H.S. - Mrs. Ryan. She was awesome. Too bad I wasn't a better student - I could impress Alison with some really fancy anamonapia or conjugate an irregular verb. Instead, I got nothin'.

Anonymous said...

When Alison was on Red Eye for only 20 minutes, I said "what the fook!" I really did! I don't want to sound like a prude. In my opinion, It's cute when Alison curses in her blog, and a bonafide way for her to express herself. I just can imagine what her mom must think when she reads those words from her baby! :)


Lord Melchior said...

Just find a local old lady with 300 cats and write an article about her. What's so hard about that? Maybe even throw in some lines about how she might be a witch. Pulitzer material right there. People love old ladies with improbable numbers of cats. Maybe claim she is fiercely allergic to them and thus it is a terrible burden she bears.