Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Poor Tobey

Today is a momentous day for poor Tobey, as he's growing up and become less of a man. I kind of hate this, and I know my parents who are taking him to the vet today feel conflicted about it too, however pet people across the board say neutering is the humane thing to do. Easy for them to say, they're human. Still, since Tobey isn't going to sire little Tobeys (puppies, not the other thing. He'll keep doing that) it probably makes sense. Plus, he's been making sweet love to the computer chair.

Have I told you the story about when I took my rabbit, Eliot, to get neutered? Eliot was the rabbit I had in college and for a few years after college. Eliot's death was traumatic in a Daniel kind of way, except that I called a friend and through tears said "my rabbit died" on his answering machine which then cracked me up since if this were the forties, that would mean I was pregnant. Fifties? Sixties? When were they using rabbits in pregnancy tests, if that isn't apocryphal? Anyway, and I think I've already told this story here, my mom and I dropped Eliot off to get neutered and I burst into tears and my mom asked if I was sure I could go through with it and I said yes, it's more humane, etc., and then we got home and the vet had called and Eliot was a she! Who knew? Not I! Unfortunately they discovered this after they anesthetized her which still pisses me off. So I drove back and picked up a very drowsy but non-operated on rabbit (I didn't get her spayed). Then years later she died. This was a horrible post, I'm sorry. Also, I went to this horrible HORRIBLE summer camp when I was 10 and they had this class in a farmhouse where they taught us the names of all the castrated animals. I swear to you. Not that it hasn't come in handy as a neat parlor trick. Ask me anything! Geldings? Steer? Capon? They also taught us how to hypnotize chickens. I am not making this up.

Back to Tobey though... poor Tobey!


Anonymous said...

Man alive, I'm kinda Rip Torn (that was a funny) on this one. D*amn that Bob Barker. He has brain-washed every pet-owner in the world. Poor Tobey is Right. God-speed Tobey, God-speed.


Ted from Accounting said...

If it is any consolation to Tobey, I've been considering getting Ted neutered!


I literally laughed out loud at this post


Michael in da house!

Joe said...

Poor Tobey. He'll feel sore for a few days, but I'm sure he'll be fine.

It reminds me of the classified ad supposedly posted in a newspaper: Lost Dog. Three legs, blind in left eye, deaf, ear torn, recently castrated. Answers to the name "Lucky."

So why did my DVR only record the first 43 minutes of Red Eye last night? I'm gettin' upset here!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm not much for subtlety, however, I just have to point something out here. In my previous post, I mentioned the word or whatever it is "RAM". It has several meanings, but one of them is simply an uncasterated male sheep. Now on this post by A-Ros, (I promise that is the last time I will say A-Ros. after that one of course.) she mentioned various casterated animals. See the connection? Just a small example of how I stay ahead of the game. Okay, I was just lucky. Maybe. Hmmmz.


p.s. I wasn't referring to an uncasterated male sheep by the way. It was something else.

Toddrod said...

OMG!!! They used to kill bunnies to figure out if women were pregnant?!? Why? How? Poor Tobey! Poor bunnies!