Tuesday, April 29, 2008

At the gym

Well, here we are again. Me: on the recumbent bike even though my ass is smarting. You, reading my blog. I suppose it should be awkward but it isn't really. I think enough time has passed and frankly I don't think about that thing you did anymore, even though it's still all over the internet. Oh, you KNOW what I'm talking about so let's dispense with the innocent act. Let's also dispense with the charade and the parade because while I love a parade, it's quite winky out and the blooms aren't sticking to the float in the way I'd hoped and it's not reflecting well on the dirigibles industry. Not well at all!

So then, it's come to my attention that I said it's not winky out in the above heartfelt note and obviously I meant windy. Although winky weather is terrible for a parade too. The ticker tape goes everywhere. And I hardly think I'm alone in saying I've never had a good batch of nachos when it's winky out. Oh hey also I'm going to be appearing on chelsea lately may 23. As it gets closer I'll update the tv thing on the right, or you know maybe I'll do it tomorrow, but for now it's just a little extra special treat for the people who actually read this stuff. Maybe I'll tuck a treat into the end of each post! Ooh, fun! How shall we do this? Should you guys make a request and I'll try to work it into the post? Nah, that sounds too hard. Well, I'm open to suggestions.

Oh and P.S. I almost forgot I'm working on my allen wrenches, my flugelhorns and my geodes.

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Anonymous said...

Quote from the muscular gym:

"Beat this Alison Rosens......"

(USED THE EXTRA S IN ROSENS CUZ I is from the island nation of KAZAKHISTANS......)


Joe said...

Flugelhorns? The only person I know who actually played a flugelhorn was Chuck Mangione, and he was fantastic. There were probably more, but if I haven't heard of them they can't be that good.

Wow - get a load of me!

How about every time we click on one of your posts, Alison, we get 100 frequent flier miles. Let's see... 30 clicks and I got me a round trip ticket to the west coast. Eight more clicks and I'm visiting Catalina!

I'm in a quarry.. I mean a quandry about Red Eye tonight. Liz Clayman is on (for the 1st time, I think) and she's great. I used to watch her a lot on CNBC (I know, CNBC = BAD, but Liz Clayman = GOOD).

However, Joe Francis is on again. Ugh! I wish the Feds would hurry up and try him for tax evasion and throw his sorry ass back in jail.

Alison, you've got some pull with Greg. Please tell him not to have Francis on as often. I'm thinking once every 10 years would be sufficient.

Toddrod said...

OK... all these posts about you going to the gym is making me feel really guilty because after work tonight, I drove right by my gym. I looked at it in my rearview mirror. I almost hit the car in front of me cuz I was looking in the mirrow at my gym as I drove away. I should be working out. Instead, I had a twinky (ooh winky is in twinky.. the word.. not a real winky).


Gospel John said...

You wrote that on a Blackberry?? Jeez I can't even get a text message out.

And flugelhorns... I love my flugelhorn. Copper bell Bless in the key of Bb... that's my puppy. Plays beuatifully.

Ted from Accounting said...

Wait a second! You are going to be on Chelsea Lately? Awesome! Say hello to Chewy for me! I'm so excited for you!

This could be the start of you getting your own show on E television!?!?!?! You could totally pull off a late night celebrity interview type show!