Sunday, April 20, 2008

Little towns

Whenever I arrive in cute pictaresque little town I always think 'I would love to live in a place like this. I can breathe here, I can relax here, I can wear a hula skirt and eat poi balls or shoot them at people or pack my winter coats with them, whatever onw does with poi balls. (This last thought only applies to hawaii.)' And then after a few days or weeks of breathing and relaxing in the adorable sleepy place I realize that actually I could never live there and why does everything smell like mackeral? The only places I've ever been and thought 'I could really see myself living here' and that thought only intensified the more time I spent there were san francisco and new york. I almost moved to SF after college actually, but that's a story for another airport. I was interviewing a couple yesterday who are from the east coast, went to grad school together back there but always had a plan to escape to wyoming, montana or idaho. I told them that I, too, am starting to think about my escape from new york, but ...oh, screening time!
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Donny Bohac said...

I live in a small town in GA. Cartersville, population ~18,000. It's nice here, but I have to have my fix of the city every now and then. This place is only 30 minutes away from Atlanta, so it's convenient all around, really. Not too much, not too little. The perfect balance.

Well, break time's over. Back to working on my show!

Mr. Ricardo said...

I've been to those "I could live here" places and always ended up living there for about a year. Then the SF Bay Area calls and wants to know if I miss her, sure enough I do and I come right back to her.

But I've never been to New York or Hawaii, I feel like I'm missing out.

Joe said...

Big city vs. small town - there are pluses and minuses of each. There are definitely more things to do in larger cities, but there's also more congestion, traffic and noise. NYC and SF are also pretty expensive places to live.

I'd love to live in the SF area as long as I could afford it. Marin County to the north is pretty nice. I don't think I could live in the south. I'm used to a cooler climate, and I really like the change of seasons.

Alison, are you going to finish your thought about a possible escape from the big apple?

Ugh... is tomorrow Monday already????