Sunday, April 20, 2008

Want to read something about pot?

Of course you do, you 4/20 observing weirdo. This one's from the vault. Incidentally, I find pot and pot smokers boring at my advanced age. Unless you happen to be one in which case, I take it back.

Perhaps I'll write more—not about pot—from the airport.


Joe said...

Have a safe trip back, Alison! Hopefully you'll sit next to someone pleasant on the plane - or maybe have the whole row to yourself. Miracles do happen sometimes.

Here's some big news... Danica Patrick became the first woman ever to win an Indycar race at the Indy Japan 300 in Motegi, Japan, yesterday.

Indycar racing is the only sport I follow these days. Danica's a great racer. She came in 4th at the Indy 500 in 2005 - a race I remember clearly because I watched the whole thing while waiting for a flight at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. For a while it looked like she might actually win the race, and the bar was packed with people watching it.

And later today is the Grand Prix of Long Beach - one of my favorite races of the year. Can't wait!

Also enjoying Page Six this morning!

Anonymous said...

Pot is definitely the drug of choice of the slacker. I think the drug of choice for the workaholic is caffine or cocaine. Maybe, I just miss Miami Vice on tv.


Ted from Accounting said...

Growing up in a convent my whole life, I've never been exposed to illicit substances but I did find The "I-Never-Would-Have-Guessed-You-Smoke-Pot Stoner" category enlightening and funny!

Hugh said...

I'm bored with pot also but our boredom shouldn't keep it from being legalized.