Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Alison and Wendy

Wendy and I have posted some more chats, so if you'd given up on our tumblr, um, please un-give up on it.


bradleyejones said...

I un-gave up!

You and Wendy's chats are Fantacular!
(Thats my new made up word I'm thinking of totally copyrighting it.)

Also you were Fantacular on Redeye when Mimi Coco guest hosted!
(ok since my new word isn't really all that good I am NOT going to copyright it so feel free to use it often! Just make sure you give me all the credit for it in case I copyright it!)

Ted from Accounting said...

While others may forsake the tumblr....I for one will not! If Wendy tells me to buy a book...I do it! If she tells me to jump in the fondue tub...I do it!

Ted "Mr. Support" Goodlove


Hey you didn't get mad at me for starting those two fan clubs did you?

Joe said...

Give up on the Alison & Wendy tumblr?

I'd rather stick needles in my eyes.