Friday, March 14, 2008

You wanted to hear The Angoras?

After messing around so long on (and getting nowhere really) that I want to punch myself, I finally just uploaded the songs to my page on The Activity Pit. Kim, I hope you enjoy these page views. (that sounded really obnoxious didn't it? in a cyber nerd kind of way? what has become of me?)

And video does actually exist. Not of the reunion show but from years ago. In theory I could put this up but if I spend any more time dealing with putting band stuff on my blog I will scream. Not that my screaming isn't felicitous, because it is. As is my warbling. Basically not one tone escapes my throat that isn't dulcet. Frankly speaking, of course.


Mr. Ricardo said...

Very impressive!

Ted from Accounting said...

I really liked Sick Dance and the Easter Sunday song.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the song "Easter Sunday Jesus Get Down." It was anthemic (is that a word?)!! The only thing that really confuses me with some bands, is that they have these really cool titles for a song, and when I listen to the lyrics, I can't help but think, "how did they come up with that title for this song?" It always makes me feel so inferior. Like there is a really cool inside joke, and I'm on the outside and nobody tells me anything! I'm a little too sensitive tonight.. forgive me. :)


Kimberly said...

HA! Love the music, and the page views!