Friday, March 14, 2008

I need

a timely and newsy debate topic. Any ideas?

Also... I guess I actually don't have anything more to say. I never don't have more to say. Which is to say, I always have more to say. Say, that's weird. Okay then.


Scott Wheeler said...

How about Obama and his crazy minister? That's timely, newsy, and a little funny.

Anonymous said...

I would like to help ya' on this, but it's not my wheel-house. But I do know people who can. I'll get on the horn. (That's southern slang for phone.)

Was that a planted double negative?
I'm just teasing.


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Dresden said...

Well, I came to your blog to tell you how much I love seeing you appear on Red Eye. You're funny and sexy as hell. As far as news topics...apparently they're banning "party pills" in New Zealand. But other than the general decline of planet earth, that's all I could see of interest. I look forward to seeing you again on Red Eye.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I just got off the horn with 2 of my chums. To protect their identities we'll just call them Ace & Gary. Well, they are sociology people and they came up with the topic: "How the divorce rate in America coincides with the down fall of the Housing Market." Yeah, they went there.


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Joe said...

Wow, I can think of several:
- Should Eliot Spitzer have stepped down?
- Should Spitzer be prosecuted?
- The overnight stardom of Ashley Dupre, is she a hero or villain?
- Should the kid who bought a bag of Skittles in school be expelled?
- My favorite: the student in Danbury, CT (my home town!) who is filing a lawsuit because he was awakened in class by a teacher who made a loud noise. The student claims he suffered hearing damage when the teacher slammed her hand down on his desk. Does he have a case?

Scott Wheeler said...

Yes, all of those other suggestions are better than mine.

Ted from Accounting said...

Here are two pressing issues:

1. Who will win at UFC 83: George St. Pierre or Matt Sera?

2. Is prostitution a victimless crime?

Hope these help!

Pow said...

I don't have much to add. It's well thought out, poignant (always appreciate poignancy), and deep. It made me think. I shall ponder. Then I may come back and weigh in with further opinion.

Also, was I the only one that caught Michael's "Ace & Gary" ref? Nicely snuck in.

Mr. Ricardo said...

You don't say? That's news!

Anonymous said...

How about, "Why men who live with their parents are actually better than pretty boys that make lots of money, and have a fancy, high rise apartment in Manhattan!"

oooh... nevermind