Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm like a baby bird

in that I'm helpless and need you to regurgitate information into my mouth. So I have The Angoras CD here and I'd like to make it so you can hear it, since many of you asked to hear it, but I don't know how. Anyone?


G. Stein said...

Now, I'm by no means a computer genius, so I'm just spitballing. I couldn't find this myself, but I think if you somehow found a part of that CD posted online, even if you have to post a track to a website yourself, you could get the "embed" address and you could post it in the same way you post a Youtube video within the code of your blog post. That's my wild idea. Do with it what you will. Like I said, I'm no expert but good luck.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the uploader:

"If you want everyone to hear it, just let me sing the tracks in the Angoras CD, cause I really have nuthin' to do right now...."

-----David "Chippendale Rescue Ranger" Hernandez

Ted from Accounting said...

Hopefully you know how to rip the songs off the CD into MP3s. Once you have done that, you can find a free file hosting service. One that is used a lot for Project Playlist Players (the common jukebox player on MySpace pages) is FileDen:

I've never uploaded to one of these services but I looked at the FileDen site and a free account gets you the following:

1GB of personal storage space.
A 50mb maximum file size limit
5GB of monthly bandwidth

That is totally enough for one CD. Plus you can hotlink to the songs from your blog. Hopefully this will work but if it doesn't then oh well it was still free. Should work though! :)

Joe said...

I've never tried that.. so I got nothin'.

Ted's idea sounds good. And he works in Accounting, so he's The Man.

karma man said...

Michelle Collins was on top form on Red Eye today. You are going to need your A game next time you're on.
If anyone can do it then...
...oh get Amy Schumer.

Anonymous said...

It puts the cd in the basket.

Speaking of songs, I'm working on a re-make/ Weird Al Yankovic type of song from The Oak Ridge boys. It's title? "Trying to Blog Two Women." It still in the beginning stages, but I expect it to be a success. It will also have a chopped and screwed flavor to it as well. I'm gonna have Little John do his "yeaahhhh" on it. And possibly a callabo with Jay-Z. Oh yes, Diddy will definately be in the video.

Fun fact of the day: Last night someone from my home town wrote in to O'Reilly and came up with the word, "feckless." It was the word of the night. Who woulda thunk it?
Okay, you got me. That was not fun at all, stupid waste of not only your time but my time. But hey, don't get all feckless on me.


Anonymous said...

Here's a post that is a complete waste of everyone's time.

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