Thursday, March 13, 2008

Want to read everything I ever wrote for the OC Weekly?

You can find it all here! At least, I think you can. I didn't really scroll through all 248 or so stories but it seemed like it's all there. Lucky you, obsessive fans!


Anonymous said...

OK... I feel a little guilty cuz I didn't read any of the articles, but I think it's because I am from San Jose, and the last time I was in "the OC" I got a ticket for making an illegal u-turn while looking for the Oakley sunglasses headquarters. Bad memories....bad bad bad. But thank you for sharing, I usually love reading all your neeto blog stuff. I can't wait for your book...I'm assuming you will write one (wait, have you already?)


Joe said...

Awesome. Alison is like potato chips... you always want more.

(Both taste a a little salty too.)

Anonymous said...

My phone conversation with Jerry Jones. Owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

Jer: Hey Mike, how are you?
me: Been better. what up?
Jer: I'm having trouble deciding this whole free-agency, draft, trading situation. My heart is in Arkansas.
Me: Well Jer, first off, you need to stop playing to all the arm-chair quarterbacks. They have no idea of all the ins-and outs of running an organization.
Jer: You're right, but we're America's team.
Me: Yeah, but look at where it's gotten you since 95'. The fans just want a winner. You do what your mind tells you to do because you are where you are for a reason. After all, we have 5 superbowl titles. Now then, I have much better things to do. Call me back after pre-season.
Jer: Thanks Mike.
Me: "hung up the phone."


P.S. Thanks Alison for the O.C stories. I've stated before, I love stories. Ones that expand my thinking. This will keep me busy for a long time.

mood: can't complain.

Mr. Ricardo said...

"Penis Duplication Time" is one of my favorites. I think I've sent it to everyone I know. Okay the few people who wave at me in public. Everyone else just has it sitting in their junk mail folder. This doesn't change the fact that I enjoy your OC Weekly stories.