Thursday, March 13, 2008

Couple more shots (that I stole from Activity Pit)


Mr. Ricardo said...

Please forgive me for being that guy, but I have to say that you look sooo cute when you laugh or smile!

Joe said...

Well done!

I'm starting to wonder if you can really "steal" anything on the internet. I was thinking about that last night because all the news outlets were showing images of Eliot Spitzer's little hooker friend, which were all taken from her Myspace page.

So it seems if you post anything online, it automatically becomes the world's property. Scary. I certainly don't feel sorry for this woman though - she's already been offered $100K for her story. Alison, I think you should play her in the movie.

Joe said...

I forgot to add that the bottom photo may be historically important. It's the closest we've ever gotten to seeing Andy Levy actually laugh.

It's like trying to spot a Platypus on the Van Wyck Expressway.

Sorry... I mean "TV's Andy Levy."

MarcPDX said...

Nice pix, Alison. :o) I love Red Eye. Could you help get me a date with Michelle Collins? Since you're already hooked up with TV's Andy Levy... Thanks!!!