Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where will you be Tuesday at 6:30pm?

Wrong, you'll be at the Apple Store in Soho where I'll be moderating a live Q&A with David Schwimmer who you may know as Ross but who also directed Run Fatboy Run which is coming out next week. We'll show clips and then talk about them. I'll take questions from the audience. Michael Ian Black wrote the screenplay but he won't be there as he's in Vancouver apparently. God, just say you don't want to go, don't pretend to be in Canada I thought to myself as I dashed off an email that said "oh! have fun in Vancouver!"

Anyway, see you there unless you don't live here in which case you should probably just do whatever you were planning on doing.


Mr. Ricardo said...

I live in the Bay Area so thanks for letting me off the hook. I started to panic and my nose and cheeks got all red and puffy. Has that ever happened to you? Probably not. Well, I wish I was going but since I can't Hope you have a fun time.

Anonymous said...

I'm Michael Ian Black's manager. He truly is in Vancouver shooting this week. He'll be in LA, however, for the premiere of Run, Fat Boy, Run, on March 24.

alison said...

Are you really his manager? If so, say something that only you would know. For example, what is his middle name?