Saturday, March 08, 2008

song sample

Okay so I will learn how to put an actual song but for now I found this, which is a tiny sample of a song we had on a soundtrack. Go here and find "Sick Dance" by The Angoras.


Anonymous said...

An open request to my fellow bloggers: Can someone give me a nice review on the sample? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

La. La. Land.

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Ted from Accounting said... is a really short sample but they actually sound really good! I was so curious as to what they would sound like and it kind of reminds me of a punk version of The Go Go's. I'm not sure if that is Alison on the lead vocal or not.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Ted, I really appreciate that.


Pow said...

Cant't get on here for a bit and miss this.
First Michael, to add to Tedd's review a bit Go Go's with a Patti Smith twist. Thinking Cool Jerk with a little Glitter In Their Eyes added for an edge.
Second,I liked what I heard very much. I'd like to hear more. I think I have a project for my next downtime.