Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'm still here

There there, blog readers! I have not forsaken you. Come close and I'll stroke your hair while telling you all about my crazy week in Orange County. I have nostalgia vertigo. I feel like someone who time traveled and then forgot that they were only supposed to be a spectator in the past and accidentally started laying down roots and pursuing things in the past and building new memories in little time cul de sacs. What the hell am I saying? I could explain it, but I feel too weird and am looking forward to going home where I won't be accosted with memories and ghosts and smells and stuff. Anyway, I'm doing Red Eye on Monday, so there's that. And here's another Costa Mesa band story which is overwrought like the others. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

"Your abscence made me worry that you were bitten by a snake in a plane, smashed by a giant rolling boulder, got your heart snatched right out of you by a radical cult leader, or perhaps you witnessed the entirety of NORBIT . But it's very great to see you back as much as it is for me."

---Dr. Indiana Jones P.H.D

Anonymous said...

Alison's back: "fire, explosions."

My spot is right behind the ears.
(I'm only kidding.) Good to know your safe and sound. I think we can certainly understand about the nastalgia thingie. I'm half asleep right now which is probably good because I would need someone to say "Shut up Michael!" Which would be welcome. Anyway, I'm gonna go back to La La land. Get it? La La? cause I live in...nevermind. Well, good to have you back Alison. I'm gonna read the article a little later in the day so I can give it full apprecitation. Have a safe trip home. Tell Tobey we all said Hi. I'm gonna do this myself, "Shut up Michael!"


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Anonymous said...

I read the article which I enjoyed reading. I may see things differently than others, but I can't help but think that I admire people who find constructive means to vent what they feel inside. I find him interesting. It's fair to say that people that really know him, know how he operates and appreciates him for who he is. I stopped trying to figure people out a long time ago and just appreciate what everyone can bring to the table, so to speak. This took me back to an instrument that I've always enjoyed, that being a harmonica. A dear friend had one engraved and gave it to me as a gift because they knew how much I enjoyed it. It still sits in the box because I'm too intimidated to try and learn it. Hence me liking Alannis Morrisette, Blue Traveler, Dwight Yoakum, etc. Sorry, got lost in my own thought. Thanx for the article. I just increased my knowledge.


mood: couldn't be better.

P.S. there is a slight chance that I double posted because Google was acting like a Bia for a little bit.

Ted from Accounting said...

LOL, the prodigal daughter has returned!

- "Stroke your hair!" Wow, you must really miss us! I thought you might have left us for some other group of bloggers! I'll be first in line for story time!

I grew up in Northern California and every time I return to my hometown, it just feels weird. Like I don't belong there any more so I can somewhat relate to memory lane.

I will read the article later but I just can't figure out what the heck "Overwrought" means in the context your writing it. Maybe you could tutor me in Freshman Comp. next year.

Group hug Alison is back!