Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'm at the airport

Grounded due to weather. Usually it isn't this hard to leave Orange County.

Okay fine, I'm in Long Beach which isn't technically Orange County, but close enough. At least they let us off the plane which is good but it's also bad because that's how bad they must think it is.

Did that make sense?

OC has made me dumb. And sleepy.


Anonymous said...

Just think of the O.C. theme song as you wait. I love that song. If you're in Long Beach, tell Snoop Dogg I said "Wazzz upppppbbblttt!!"


mood: hungry.

P.S Have a safe flight back.

29Victor said...

First time commenter, long time stalker.

Nice blog. Your picture makes you look like Susanna Hoffs. Is that what you were going for?

Ted from Accounting said...

The weather is beautiful here...Foggy / bad weather in Long Beach? That is probably the worst airport to be stranded at because it is small with nothing to do! That airport reminds me of an old and small museum. The only advantage of Long Beach is Jet Blue provides reasonable rates. But you probably already knew that!

Have a safe flight back!

Pow said...

Did you know "the Sublime sound's still straight from Long Beach? I know it all comes back to me an I'm a get what I deserve..."
Just wanted to start off light.
Knowing how flying makes you feel to start with, I'm sorry the trip home started this way.
Made sense to me, but so did most of Solaris.
This time I started from where I missed, just so there wasn't a repeat of the wolverine incident. I hope I didn't mess up the ending.