Wednesday, February 20, 2008


is not the word I'd use to describe the roof alarm which has been alarming since I got home a little while ago. When I first walked into my apartment I thought "hey, it's not so loud in here," but it's slowly become louder and louder over the sound of me not wanting to hear it.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the alarm :

"I'm still in your head AlEEEEEsoOOOOn ROOOOOSEEEEEEEEEN....."

-----Arnell "The Annoying and Ambitious" ALArM

Anonymous said...

Another Quote of the day:

"Hey don't look at me Alison, I didn't start it......"

---Chico "THE CULPABLE" Companion

Ted from Accounting said...

Man, I hope your reality is much better than the image of your apartment that I have in my mind. I picture scum bag neighbors, rats, sirens going off, bums on every street corner, mold growing up your walls, juveniles on bicycles spitting on you while walking to work, extreme cold and just a suxors place to live!

It's like Alison's constant theme song is to the Jefferson's TV show - "Moving on Up!" I'm sure its much better than all that! It has to be!


This question is a bit tougher but I plan on really testing your knowledge!

What group was Tootie trying to win tickets to on the radio contest?

1. Bee Gees
3. Kool and the Gang
4. Duran Duran

Joe said...

Sounds like you were very close to a Premature Evacuation!

Pretty annoying, especially after a long day at work.