Wednesday, January 02, 2008


My flight was delayed and I got in super late last night. This is how I feel (below). Also, there was a guy few seats behind me who had a dog in a carrier and I kept looking back and sneaking glances. Then I hovered near him and did the same thing at baggage claim. He probably thought I was a creepy dognapper. Dogs... naps... Um, anyway I think I need to get one of my own.


Robert Snyder said...

Is it true that you came up with Red Eye with the help of your secret husband Andy Levy? That you came up with every important aspect of the show, and that the "Gutfeld/Host character" is kept in a dark subterranean chamber undergoing mental programming until he's needed for show taping?
Or is that just crazy talk?
(You obviously add a great deal to the show. I hope you get to keep it up for a long time.)

Gary said...

A nap or a dog? ... I do miss having a dog around but did pick up some sleeping tips. Not sure that lying on the living room floor with my legs spread and tongue hanging out went over real well when I decided I needed a nap at my friend's house New Years afternoon. Hey the game was boring!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the second day of the New Year:

"Oatmeal for breakfast.......DAMN IT !!!!"

(in the morning)

Ted from Accounting said...

I’d bet when you landed that you clicked your heels three times and repeated “there is no place like home!” Farnham should be kissing your ass for returning! From what I can see, you are like the only television face for Time Out New York. Sure there are great writers at that magazine but you have the “it” factor that none of the rest have. If he doesn’t promote you to Deputy Editor, I will mobilize the Ron Paul supporters to picket in front of the magazine’s building. That is if I knew any Ron Paul supporters which I don’t so I guess you’re on your own!

So I picked up Guitar Hero III the other day and not to brag but I’m currently at the intermediate level. Impressed? Nothing spells musical talent like getting the green and yellow buttons in the correct order on a Nirvana song. Once I’ve mastered the expert level, I should have the skills and desire to start Ted Goodlove’s Spoons, Washboard and Hambone band.

I like the new blog photo…it’s very becoming!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Ali. Nothing like a good ole' vacation with your family to recharge your batteries. I hope that ya'll were able to come up with a solution to "The Tobey Factor" so to speak. Hmmmm, maybe that's a million dollar idea. To come up with a puppy snack that smells like *Tobey's* but has a nutritional value to it.
I'd like to see a marketing team come up with that one.

Anyhoo, I saw where 2007 you were able to get I think 176 comments, give or take a few. Your best year ever. We'll have to be sure and top that this year. Toodles!