Thursday, January 03, 2008

capturing the moment in the moment

So here is what I'm wondering: those people who live every minute of their lives online, who blog about everything and who post photos constantly, do they somehow do it seamlessly or is their effort very apparent when you're hanging out with them? Are they constantly stopping to take a picture for their blog? I feel like I would post more pictures if I had a camera in my phone or a phone in my iPod (yes I am aware they now have these contraptions).


Anonymous said...

Well, here is my take on all of that. Probably about 8 yrs ago, I used to "live" online, and it became very unhealthy for me. I've learned to keep my internet world small. The internet can be as addictive as any drug or alchohol. What I strive for now is to set maybe an hour or so online everyday. And I take a day or two off every week to not get on at all. This particlar blog is the only one I come to. It's not real heavy on issues. It's a place to come and share some thoughts and ideas. If used properly the net and/or blogs can be used to vent various things. Anyhoo, that's just my take on it. Everyone is different.


Ted from Accounting said...

But Julia Allison posts lots of pictures on her blog! J/K

That is kind of interesting to think about...Yours was the first blog that I've ever been to and posted on. However, I did cheat on you a couple of times with Shira's blog. Now that you mention it, some of these people are running a self promotional campaign.

I believe those "look at me" bloggers suffer from a continually evolving narcissistic personality disorder (whatever the F%$# that means).

Pictures or no pictures...I enjoy your writing most of all! Your the coolest English major I've ever known! :)

To follow up on Michael's comments...Hello everyone! My name is Ted Goodlove and I'm addicted to the Internet!

Well, not really but I know what you mean. I'm certainly the Jones guy people try to keep up with regarding technology though. I'm in the process of upgrading all my components. I just picked up a 1 terabyte external hard drive. Yes ladies, the size of a man's external hard drive does matter (Especially when your MP3 collection is over 150 GBs and climbing).

Ted's Tech Tip: If you are shopping for an all in one Printer / Scanner / Copier / Fax, I just got the Canon Pixma MP830 from Newegg for only $210. The MP830 was rated #1 by Consumer Reports and that is the cheapest you will find it currently!

Well, got to run...Shira just posted another I-Phone video!

Anonymous said...

Off topic here. I was pleased to see that Huckabee won last night, however, I'm sick and tired of this presidential crap. I'm somewhat of a news junkie, but this is getting ridiclous. I think there should be a format developed as far making it much easier for us to decide. They should have a list of things that are relevant topics. And just have the candidates write a paragraph on each issue, then have it mailed to every citizen of the U.S. That would save all kinds of money, and we wouldn't be bogged down with all this crap. That would also allow those candidates to fulfill their job duties that they were elected for. Meaning the Senators and such.

Well, I hate to talk politics. I just had to get that off my chest.

Michael. (The micro-manager.)
La. (Home of the L.S.U. Tigers!) Possible national champs!