Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's

So, what's everyone doing? I'm still undecided which isn't all that unusual for me, although this year I think there's a strong possibility I won't do anything, which would be the first time I haven't done anything in as long as I can remember. I'm tempted to indulge the homebodyness for one more night and then make 2008 the year of being less solo. Not that hanging out with Tobey and my parents is truly solo. It's just kind of sad. And here's the part where I'm supposed to say that really it doesn't seem sad to me, except that's not entirely true. I mean, I don't think my choice or lack thereof of plans is sad, I just mean I feel a little sad. But I think New Year's is a time for feeling vaguely mournful, right? I guess I'm just sort of tired and frustrated by a lot of things, and yet not wanting to have to do what is required to change them. I'm speaking in a very abstract sense, by the way. Not like I have a list of things. Maybe I do actually? Well I'm talking more about a general feeling of being in a rut more than specific elements of it.


Gary said...

I hope that 2008 is your best year ever. If you happen up to L.A. you're invited to join us for dinner & debauchery... (well at least dessert that taste great but is really fattening)

Anonymous said...

My New Years Quote of the day:

" I'm glad I don't have an older sibling to look up to...."

-Bryan Spears (Older brother of Britney and Jamie) .................

[Let's hope the real Bryan is'nt reading this...]

Ted said...


I'm just heading out the door and read your post! I really hope 2008 is a great year for you both professionally and personally! I have New Years off and some big plans. If you were in Palm Springs, I'd say join the fun. Anyhoo, I was listening to a song (I think Rick Nelson) on the way home after dinner which went something like..."you can't please everyone so you gotta please yourself!" ...pleasing yourself is the only thing that really matters! Peace out! Catch you on the blog next year!

Moople said...

I hope 2008 is a good year for you and that your frustrations are resolved.
I am in the ruts myself. The company I’ve worked for since I was 22 (13 years) was bought out and, while I’m still employed, I feel like I’ve been downgraded (feel like a useless douchebag [oxymoron?])(Or as Hank Kingsley would say, “A wet, burlap bag of monkey shit.”). Since this is like starting a new job (new building, new co-workers, new boss -- who happens to be a difficult, former boss), I might as well start looking. No idea what I want to do. I need to meet a nice girl to help me find the answers (to paraphrase Ma Bailey), instead of holding out while I’m trying to get my shit together (since that hasn’t worked).
Sorry to sound like I’m confusing you with Oprah!
Happy New Year!
I look forward to seeing, reading and enjoying more of your work in 2008!
Chris M.