Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chats and books

Wendy and I did more chatting today. We try to put up some posts every day so if you aren't already in the habit of clicking over there, you should be! We talked before the horrible Heath Ledger news though, so these are more about Oscar noms and bowl cuts. And abortions. You know, fun stuff. Also, Wendy has a book out right now. That means I know two people with books out. You should buy their books. I haven't seen the final editions of either book but I saw early versions of both, because I'm so special and important that of course people want to consult me and get my opinion. (I told Wendy to make hers more pink and I told Greg to make his a coloring book.)


Ted from Accounting said...

Could a guy get something out of Wendy's book or is strictly for chicks with issues? I'm just asking!

Mrs. Nesbit


If you throw me off the highest building, I will not break. However, if you place me in the ocean I will. What am I?

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day: (I want Alison to answer this)

" What happens when you have a dead myspace friend ?"

---Tom "I got no clue" Anderson, Myspace

Anonymous said...

Another Quote of the day:

"I don't have HD, but I thought I saw Gutfeld with a thinner waist line while donning geeky glasses during last night's show......"

----Jack "I own a Magnavox television" HOff

joe said...

I was expecting Greg's tome to be a Pop-Up book. I thought Griff did a good job on Red Eye last night. It can't be easy taking over for someone like that. I remember Greg saying it took months for him to get his style down and get the show the way he wanted it.

Very sad news about Heath Ledger. I don't know that much about him, but it's sad whenever someone dies at such a young age.

It always surprises me how much mis-information is reported, at least initially. It was originally reported that Ledger died in an apartment owned by Mary Kate Olsen, and that there were pills lying all around the body. Both reports were wrong. Guess there's just so much pressure to report any news, whether it's confirmed or not.

Ugh.. it always freaks me out when they talk about doing an autopsy on someone. I don't actually know that much about what they do.. but enough.

Anonymous said...

Due to uncontrollable outside forces, my creative juices have been suppressed today from too much heavy lifting yesterday. I will return when it gets better.

"It's the end of the Dow as we know it....and I'll feel fine."

Okay, maybe a little creativity.


joe said...

Someone just sent this to me and it's kinda fun:


My score was 44%, barely in the Yankee category - a little surprising since I was born in CT and now live in VT.

When I was in AF basic training in Texas, one of the people who did health checks there could tell where people were from just by talking with them for a few minutes. Not just the state, but often a specific city or town.

Jim Nazium said...

Michael from Louisiana ... I hope things turn around for you soon. Rest well and stop lifting heavy things.

Ted from Accounting said...

I had a strange but brilliant dream last night. You know how Alison always does those movie review segments? Well, she could do a book review segment on Red Eye and for example promote Steve Martins Bio, Ted Goodlove's Unauthorized Memoirs and sneak in Wendy Molyneux's "Everything is Wrong with You!" Just think...we could both be at the top of the New York Times best seller list! Just an idea...make sure the Times realizes there is only one D in Goodlove!

The answer to my riddle was a piece of "tissue."

WM said...

I saw Ted's question here, so I thought I'd reply. The book is just a spoof, so it really won't help anyone. It's just a fun humor book.

I think guys would like it too!

Of course, I have to say that...but it's true!

Ted from Accounting said...

Thanks Wendy! How cool is this blog to be surrounded by such beautiful and talented women!


Ted's wisdom tip at lunchtime:

This actually came from a friend's MYSPACE page and I don't know if she wrote it herself but it's DEEP:

Sometimes you just need to be with the person who makes you smile...even if it means waiting!

I'll catch you on the night shift!

Anonymous said...

Yes sir, Jim. Thank you for that. I say that with the utmost sincerity. I'm a fast healer. Just need to get off my feet for a little bit.