Saturday, January 12, 2008

"Alison at the Movies"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video Ali. I'm not gonna piss and moan about my sound situation. I did watch it all the way through still. I gotta say, you looked absouletly stunning. Your eye-make up was mesmorizing. I'm glad I am a visual person. See? I make the best out of bad situation. I hated that I missed it last night,but after seeing the video, it's all good.

La. (Home of where I went to the same college as Terry Bradshaw.)

Ted from Accounting said...

Busy, busy weekend... No time for my normal post game wrap. I did see last night's episode and loved it! I didn't have my stop watch running but I think that is the most national air time that you've gotten. You were poised and funny as usual. I loved the pirate eye patch comment. I may be biased but I think you stole the show on that one! :)

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Alison -- Loved the segment on Red Eye! You're always great on there! Keep up the great work!

joe said...

"Is there only room in Heaven, Greg, for people who look just like you?"

Funny, and nicely delivered. I may have to borrow that one.

"I was active in the Black Panthers"

I suspected as much, Alison, after seeing you raise a fist on the show one night while bantering with Sherrod Small. It certainly adds to your mystique. :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh and Ted? I don't care how busy you are, I/we expect the Ted's Post Game wrap-up. You can't just tease us with that and then all the sudden you're like oh so busy. You make time for us!! (I'm smiling while I write this so don't think I'm bitchin'.)

La. (Home of Karl Malone.

bradleyejones said...

Why, WHY can't you be on the entire show? You should sit next to Bill one show for the ENTIRE show!

As usual you were great!

Ted from Accounting said...

I just got back from skiing at Big Bear all day! How f***ing nice was that weather! Damn! Saw your comment Michael and I did feel as though I let the blog down. Here are my thoughts on what was actually one of the better Red Eye shows yet.

Ted’s Post Game Wrap (Just keeping it real)

Now Alison knows that I’m quick to find fault as well as give praise…just as quick as she is to deny my posts or approve them…darn her power!

Shira: She looked hot with some interesting prostitute humor (strange coming from her). She was definitely the star amongst the regular guests that night.

Alison: She must have an obsession with VeggieTales…first a written article and now a segment. How can you ride the backs of those poor vegetables with a clear conscious? I forgot to mention in my first post that you looked absolutely stunning! From Herpes to Pirates…your segment had it all and a bag of chips. I’m not just giving my normal ass kissing…you were PHreaking awesome! No twitching! No looking off camera! I’ll send my coaching invoice!

Jewish Model / look at me chick: They should invite her back so we can just look at her. The Red Eye show is like a basketball team…every guest has their role on the team!

Bill: Lose the Bill-a-Buster…please for the love of mankind! IT ISN”T YOUR TYPE OF HUMOR!

Mike Baker: God it was crazy weekend, so I’m hoping he was on there! I don’t know where they found him…but that guy is smooth every time he is on. He doesn’t try to push his humor…he stays within his range and does a good job!

Greg: That funny little bastard is smitten with you! I’m not a body language expert but I do play one on this blog…and all the signs are there!

Andrew: What can I say…It’s Andy…same funny stuff more or less!

So there you have it….just duplicate this type of show every time and I expect Red Eye will move into that Midnight time slot rather quickly! Now, I must attend to a “sun burn” on my face…OMG I’m going to look funny tomorrow!