Friday, January 11, 2008

Also adorable!


And in a special shout out to Red Eye fans, here's one where Tobey looks unbelievably like imaginary dog-cat hybrid Fluffy McNutter:


Anonymous said...

Girl you really do need to get a pet. It is time.

joe said...

Tobey is soooooo cute! How can you not love a puppy like that.

So against my better judgment, I watched Celebrity Rehab on VH1 last nite. Yeah, I know. But one of the celebs on the show was Jeff Conaway, best known for Grease and the TV show Taxi. I was shocked at how screwed up he is from alcohol, drugs and painkillers. So incredibly sad.

I remember watching him years ago and thinking how he had the world in his hands - great looking, talented, popular, rich. He seemingly had everything, but now he's barely functional. He even arrived at the health clinic with a bottle of booze in his hands and stoned out of his mind. Then this morning I was reading on TMZ that Britney, on the day she went to the hospital, was at home popping pills all day - which apparently is a typical day for her. Ugh! I just want to choke these people. They have so much and they throw it all away.

But on a much more positive note, Red Eye was great last nite! Several good guests - including the owner of this blog. Great job Alison!! I wish FNC would replace Bill McCuddy with you. He's such a jerk.

Sorry this was so long. Enjoy the weekend!!

Brent said...

"You should see the balls on that vagina" from your Red Eye appearance last night, is possibly so far the greatest quote of 2008.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy seeing pics of Tobey. He's so cute. I gotta say though, everytime I hear Fluffy McNutter, I get a craving for the snack Nutter Butters©. I'm not even sure if those exist anymore.

Also, I'm unhappy to say that I missed last night's Red Eye. I stayed awake til 1:00 am, then I set my alarm clock for 2. Well, dumbass me got the am/pm mixed up. Next thing you know, here I am. Trust me, I'm distraught over this. My punishment to myself is I'm going to drop and give you 20.

Well, I hope everyone has a good weekend. I'll be around cause it's that time of the month for me........ What?'s the football playoffs. What did you think I meant? Shame on you. Go Cowboys!!!!

La. (Home of K'ville.)


Anonymous said...

Okay, If I don't share this little funny I just made, then I'm doing the world a dis-service. Let me set the scence. I was watching B.E.T, as I often do. Then I heard this racket in the living room. Well, it was my birds trying to mate. Which isn't that bad, but they usually start fighting each other afterwards/during. It's a horrible noise. Anway, I went over there to disrupt them, which was no biggie, but afterwards I said to myself. Wow, I just *cock-atiel blocked*...Now if you don't think that's funny, then something is terribly wrong with you. Besides, even Jay Leno bombs every once in a while.

La. (Home of where we prefer beating dead horses vs. cow-tipping.)

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna list a minor gripe that I have just so it doesn't seem I'm one-dimentional. I find it troubling when *celebrities* or whomever refers to themselves as a "Brand." Are you kidding me? Do you honestly think that you are in the same class with let's say the Keebler© elves? Gimme a break. Get over yourselves. Welp, that's it. That is my rant for the day. I need to go practice my Ball Room dancing before game-time.

La. (Home of former governor Edwin Edwards, he served time.)

Ted from Accounting said...

That is to coincidental as soon as I saw those pictures, I said to myself he looks like a "dog-cat hybrid Fluffy McNutter." Great minds think a like!

beniyyar said...

Why did the vetrinarian want to know if his patient, a dog, had fleas?
He didn't want to start from scratch!