Wednesday, December 19, 2007

You Don't Know Dick About Christmas!

The title of this post is what I've dubbed the new game my sister and I have been playing. My mom bought my sister Christmas trivia cards which are actually pretty fun except most of the answers are one of the following: Bob Hope, Bob Cratchit or The Lemondrop Kid.

Before my sister's surgery I was asking her questions from the cards to distract her and the nurse asked if she was preparing to go on Jeopardy, which cracked me up.

In other news, I'm going to be on Red Eye on Saturday and I believe it's going to be a special kind of episode.

But back to gameshows, I can't understand Duel. And I don't like melodramatic contestants.

Also, Tobey keeps throwing up.


Ted said...

Cool! I look forward to your "special" kind of episode.

Christmas Trivia: Two very important people share birthdays on Christmas day...can you name them?


Serious subject: If you had a chance to view my dog pics, then you realize that I'm not a vet...I just play one on the web. But I do know something about dogs.

Vet Ted's Advice:

1. Keep the dog hydrated

2. Limit food intake for now

3. Prevent them from chewing grass until their stomach is back to normal.

4. Sometimes a small amount of Pepto Bismol can help. Check with the Vet.

5. ONLY give your dog the very best dog food. I prefer...well my dogs prefer Eukenuba. The better the dog food, the less portions they need to eat for the same good nutrition.

6. Dog's should be fed just before they go to bed. At least large dogs so they don't play around and their stomach twists.

7. Pups and newer dogs can get nervous very keep his environment relaxed.

8. If it continues, take him to the Vet. ASAP. Pups can't afford to lose a lot of nutrition.

9. Did I mention to keep him hydrated.

Anyway, I hope he feels better. I know my dogs are like kids!

spaceagent said...

You parents' new dog is bulimic? There's therapy for that you know.

I was hoping Red Eye would have a special Christmas show. Maybe Saturday will be it. Their ratings for the Saturday shows have been pretty good.

I suggested a while ago that Red Eye have an occasional quiz where each question has 1 of 2 possible answers (like Bob Hope or Bob Cratchit.) Andy did something like that with Bill and a guest (Laurie Dhue??) once and it was really great. They haven't done it since. Does anyone listen to me? NOOOOOOO!!

spaceagent said...

Oh... and I suggested they call the segment "BEAT BILL". If the guest got more correct answers than Bill, they would actually BEAT BILL - like with a stick (OK, maybe a pillow.) It would be a great segment. Maybe I'll pitch it to GSN.

Gary said...

Is he throwing up soon after he eats? It may be something as simple as eating too quickly and a bit too much at once. Have them feed him just a bit at a time so he can digest it.

Hope your sister is feeling well after her surgery. Wish her and the rest of the Rosen clan a Merry Christmas

Actually I do know Santa's brother, Dick Claus.

As always I look forward to your appearences on Red Eye

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

"There's a hair in my eye and I need help !!!! "

Jack "I think I will go blind"

HOff, Idaho

WB said...

Fluffy Cocaine never would have gotten sick.