Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Rubella Fitzgerald

Would be a good name for a burlesque performer in a Cabaret-style spoof.


Wyoming Heat said...

Bejel Russell could be her leading man.

Ted from the Weather Channel said...

I don't know WTF any of that means but I'll just say Oreo!

Did you bring this rain with you?

Ted from the Ratings Increase Dept. said...

Ok, I’ve been behind in my Red Eye episodes so I could get caught up on The Hills finale, after show and Lauren’s season overview. Don’t you get the impression that people from OC are really stuck up and live in a fairy tale? J/K

I just watched the Red Eye episode where they had the fan on. Now that was great show! The cast was totally cool to the guy. I just wish I had been invited on the show…it would probably have gone down like this:

Julia Allison: Wow Greg...your fan guest Ted is a really hot looking guy.

Alison Rosen: Back off bitch (Bleep)!

A split screen view (Ted & Alison): Alison does the Bewitched Nose Twitch (BNT)

Suddenly Julia does a flying hair pull down on Alison while screaming “you’re stealing my mail!” A fight ensues.

Greg yells, “Go Alison!”

Andy yells, “Go Julia!”

Bill yells, “Grab some baby oil!”

Shira jumps on Ted’s lap and says, “Make it stop!”

Strangely the camera pans on Tobey and Marshmallow who are mad dogging each other.

There is total pandemonium on the Red Eye set!

I know fans…we can only hope I get invited on the show someday! Oh, and I think we all know who won the fight!

And still the reigning champion of New York Print Media….Alison “Boooooooya” Rosen!

Eddie said...

I know this is a little late, but I forgot a few times to ask what ever happened to your friend named redacted? The name Rubella Fitzgerald made me remember that one from a while back. Well, butter your toast.