Thursday, December 20, 2007

I tried to post this by email but couldn't remember how

I'm in LA recording red eye and I'm slightly flummoxed by the delay. If it looks like I'm doing some kind of pensive introspective thing looking off to the right it's really just because I'm not sure when the camera is on me or off me. (There a half second or so delay between audio and video. Video is delayed). Also, I miss Tobey! What my mom doesn't know is I plan to steal him. Now greg is talking about tramp urine.


Ted from Merriam-Websters said...

As I sit here playing my didgeridoo and contemplating the partaking in some dwile flonking later, a sense of hobbledehoy came over me because of the diffidence I often feel after reading your blogs. Flummoxed? Pensive introspective? One thing is for sure; my vocabulary is certainly expanding because of your blog.

Tramp Urine! If there was any hair pulling as well, then this will surely be the greatest Red Eye of all time!

I just don’t get it though…I thought you were going to be on Saturday! Is the show taped a couple days in advance? This Hollywood stuff is so confusing.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

" I can make you disappear.."

--Criss Angel

spaceagent said...

I've been watching Red Eye for almost a year and Greg is FINALLY talking about tramp urine. I can tell it's gonna be a good day.

Anonymous said...

Merry Miller, Learning Annex cow-worker of yore, explained on The View that the delay was what flummoxed her as well.