Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm in Playboy

No, not like that! In the January 2008 issue they round up the Year in Sex and they blurbed my exchange with Ed Koch (here's the story as it originally appeared in Time Out New York). Thanks to the reader who tipped me off. That sounds dirty, doesn't it? Funny how everything can sound dirty when you view the world through flesh-colored glasses.

Also, I will post more photos soon. I have more Tobey photos and I have a bunch of me after various TV things which I took in case I wanted to try to remember how they did my makeup.


Gary said...

Certainly hope that Tobey is feeling better. Looking forward to Saturday's Red Eye... already set the DVR because I secretly hope I'll have something better to do on a Saturday night than watch TV.

Ted from WII advertising said...

You title teaser!

I came across the MySpace - Red Eye fan club this morning. One forum topic was devoted to the hottest Red Eye girl. It appeared that Miss Rosen received the most comments. Apparently they didn’t realize you suffer from hirsutism. I couldn’t believe they didn’t nominate the hottest girl on Red Eye period! Who might you wonder? Why of course it’s Mrs. Gutfeld! :)

Just to make sure nobody believes the hirsutism comment, I put on my flesh–colored glasses and wrote these…

Alison is so hot that men orbit around her! – See Alison is the sun and men represent the planets…oh never mind! I had special nerd clearance for that one.

Alison is so hot that 7 out of 10 railroad hobos prefer snuggling around her at night. The other 3 are gay!

Alison Rosen - If beauty and insightful commentary were a Nintendo WII, I would carefully unwrap her on Christmas morning and try to score!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ali, just read your "piece", (now that sounds really dirty, but that's how I roll Yo!) Now what was I saying?... Oh yeah, your interview with Mayor Crotch, Is that how you spell it? I'm too lazy to look it up again. (damn all these sidetracks.) ANNNYway, I like to fell out of my chair when I read it. It was like T.B.S. funny. I hope I don't have to explain that one. Well, it looks like on Saturday I'll have to catch a replay of Red Eye later on that night. The Cowboys are playing at 8 eastern. As much as I luv ya, I gotta watch the game. Speaking of, if anybody knows the replay times, please tell me. Yes, I could look it up myself, but I'm lazy. Well, see ya' in the funny papers!!!

Louisiana. (Home of the King Cakes.)

Anonymous said...

Alrighty then, I actually got off my dead ass. (technically I didn't cause I was still in my chair and I happened to look it up.) But Red Eye is going to re-air at 2am est. So I'll be part of the ratings. I'm so glad I didn't have to choose. That's all for now.

La. (home of the place where girls like to show their teats for beads.) Isn't it wrong to laugh at your own jokes? Isn't there some sort of rule? I just thought "teats." was funny. Oh just forget it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

"Even if you never posed nude in any magazines, I saw you naked before and I'am seeing you naked now !!!!!!!....."

Tom "I'M Right Behind U" Anderson, Myspace World