Saturday, December 22, 2007

Red Eye tonight

I'll be on Red Eye tonight at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific. "But that's the show that's on in the middle of the night!" you're saying. WRONG! On Saturdays it's on primetime!


keebs said...

Ali...let me know when you r in playboy '4 real' ..harhar. otherwise im not interested (as much) the holidays-enjoy them

Moople said...

Alison, you always make me smile. I thought it was a very funny appearance (drugs and hookers, Y’all). You didn’t seem flummoxed at all to me. The pensive-introspective-looking-off-to-the-right-thing is sexy!
Hope your sister is doing well and is not upset that a random internet dude is wishing her well. Hope Tobey is doing better as well and that you don’t become too attached and miss him too much when you go back to NY---sounds like it’s already happened---you’re such a sweetie!
Happy Holidays
Chris Murphy

Ted just mooned you! said...

Ted’s Drunk Post Game Wrap:

To set the mood, I’ll start out with a little Moon River playing in the background! You were great! It’s obvious that some home cooking improves your mood…you really looked happy on the air (you giggled at something you said - cute)! Actually I thought all the guests were fun…a great chemistry tonight!

OMG, you will have to explain the whole moon dancing thing in a post!

After your revelation, I’d like to be the first to wish you a Happy Kwanzaa. I hope that you and your family enjoy their Pan-African celebration this holiday season. Geez and all this time, I could have sworn you were Jewish!

Good job Alison!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

" Guess what people, Rugrats is coming back to Nickelodean !!!!!!!!......"

-Jack Hoff commenting on the Jamie Lynn Spears incident (or perhaps accident)

bradleyejones said...

You were great as usual!

Anonymous said...

Great show last night Ali. The night was complete for me. Watching my favorite football team win, then being able to watch you on Red Eye. You always seem to bring a fresh energy to the show. Have a good visit with your family.

La. (Home of the Spears' family.) Not sure if that's good or not.

Anonymous said...

Alison Rosen's blog: It's like Fox News Channel, because she is fair and balanced. Just stating facts.

Anywho, Just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas before we all go through the Christmas rat race. And thank you Ali for having a great place for us to share comments. You're quite a classy lady.

Michael. (The class clown.)
Louisiana. Home of the great people of New Orleans!

Ted your Blog Buddy said...

The top 10 reasons to follow Alison’s Blog and Red Eye appearances in 2008:

10. Because the Facts of Life is cool! (Say it three times in a row and that will make it true)
9. Your vocabulary will blossom with all of the 50 cent words she uses.
8. Few writers have ovaries large enough to write stories with titles such as Sucking Strap-ons and Penis Duplication Time.
7. She will let you post hundreds of Word Plays but it’s probably going to be for your entertainment only. (No Air Time)
6. She turns Julia Allison into a pink lama named Andrew.
5. Hugh Heffner offers her 2 million to pose in Playboy and she turns it down.
4. After revealing her African American ethnicity, she begins a weekly dance tip column.
3. Following her successful line of scratch and sniff books, she writes, “Nose Twitch Flirting – Your Under my Spell” – a gross but popular scratch and sniff book.
2. She wins the 2008 Elvira – Mistress of the Dark look-alike contest.

and the #1 reason is...

1. Body Language Experts rock!

God bless and Merry Christmas to everyone! I also want to give a special thanks to Alison for blessing us with her gift of writing! Wait a second…is that mistletoe above us? How convenient!

Anonymous said...

Since tomorrow everyone will be busy spending time with their families. I want to take this time to wish Ted a Merry Christmas and especially a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Have a great day tomorrow Ted. You're alright in my book.

Louisiana. (Home of Brad and Angelina.)

Ted from Santas support group said...

Thanks Michael! I appreciate it! I think I've gained about 5 pounds already from birthday cake, cupcakes and cookies.

Make sure Santa makes it through the skies of Louisiana safely...I'm counting on you! Merry Christmas Bro.

--- I couldn't help myself...just one more word play:

Alison Rosen is so hot that she requires boyfriends to wear oven mittens while making whoopie!

Anonymous said...

Sure thing Ted. Speaking of skies, if you get a chance to look up towards the moon tonight, you can see Mars. I spotted it last night while smoking a right handed cigarette. I wasn't sure what I was seeing until they had it on the news this evening. It's a site to behold. Well, back to watching the 90's part deux on Vh1. Brings back fond memories. Michael Out!

Louisiana. (Home of Lil Wayne,Birdman,All of Cash Money, Juvenile,Lil' Boosie, etc. etc.) Holla!!