Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dogs on blogs

Me: Want to see something adorable? This is my parents new puppy! (showing coworker blog post below with photos of dog)
Coworker: Oh, so your parents have a blog too?
Me: [long pause] No, this is my blog.

Unrelated, I feel like I should be putting this on one of those Tumblrblogs which everyone's using now however why hasn't anyone noticed that those don't allow for comments? Or maybe they do and I just haven't seen an example of one that does. But I need my comments, even if you guys are hoping I'll crack up on TV and having trouble continuing! Just kidding, I know it was gently good natured. (For what it's worth, I think that would actually make for fairly good TV. It's blanking out or spacing out or swallowing wrong and having a coughing fit that are my perennial fears!)

Okay, so here are the names being considered:

Buster, Oscar, Quincy, Skippy, Oliver, Henry, Harry, Simon... I feel like I'm forgetting some. Ernie, Max, Winston... Yeah. I think that's the list. Weigh in won't you?


Ted from the Boosters Club said...

Of course we don't want you to really screw up! We want you to do awesome! But have you ever farted on air? That would be embarrassing!

Since your going for traditional dog names...her are some coworkers dog's names: Jag and Oreo

Here is an intro for one of those porno people who come on the show:

If sexiness was a McDonald's, she'd have over one billion served...and they’d all leave with happy meals...just be careful of the toy people.

Anonymous said...

But I need my comments, even if you guys are hoping I'll crack up on TV and having trouble continuing!

I don't post comments! EVER! Wait, I posted one right now! AHH! Delete it!


Anonymous said...

I like Buster.

SCOTT said...

Fluffy McNutter

bradleyejones said...

how about Winston and Sterling or Winston and Churchill. :)

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:

"You can name the dog any name you want, but don't name it Brian..."

----Stewie Griffin, Quahog, Rhode Island

Eddie said...

My biggest fear on being on tv is that I will get comfortable do something...unexpected. You being the seasoned pro that you are would never do anything like that.

I like your ideas for the dog's name but I still stick with buttercup, snazzy, lovie or Sambuca. I would really puch towards Sambuca, maybe even Grey Goose, Stoli, Jager, or better yet Johnnie Walker Blue label. Although that last one might be a little long. Well, butter your toast.

Preston Sinclair said...

Obviously, the name should be Preston Sinclair.

Anonymous said...

I never had a pet (sniffle) so I'm no help. My dad, however, was good at giving all of his kids pet names and has continued this practice with his grandchildren (my niece and nephews). I should send him that picture and have him name your parents’ puppy.
My pet name was Moople----I was born in the early ‘70s and somehow I think my conservative dad had a secret life as a roadie for Mott the Hoople and that was his inspiration for my nickname.
Many years later my niece was christened Bouddiebotz (büd ē bäts )—which I think was his best work because she looks like a Bouddiebotz.
I did not inherit his naming skill (maybe Mott is my real dad). (Ian Hunter?).
Back to you, as this is not the Christopher M. Murphy blog, it was good to see you on Red Eye last night---no matter how terrible my day is, I always laugh when I watch the show. I have let them know that you are one of my favorites--fortunately Greg did not read my e-mail as I was drunk when I sent it!
Chris M.

Prad Bitt said...

Fluffy Cocaine! lolz

Ryan said...

Quincy is better suited for record producers.

It's hard to choose without knowing the breed though. Or maybe you put it there and I overlooked it by accident.

Ryan said...

Nevermind. I am an idiot and didn't scroll down far enough.

Buster all the way.

Jerry said...

How about naming the dog 'Mini Moses"? "Mo" for short. He looks like an old man.

JP Taylor said...

I'm a fan of Winston and Quincy...dignified and unique enough to not seem like a cliche dogs name.

Anonymous said...

Maybe "Robin?" In honor of your fab Anthony experience in Anaheim?

Tori said...

is it my or do all those names sound btitish, moght as well throw in charles ?!

Anonymous said...

Well, my vote is Max. To me, it's one of those names that you can always add a little something to depending on what mood you might be in at the time. For example: Maximus, Max Headroom, Maximillian. Just to name a few.

I was relieved to see that you took the laughing on t.v. in stride. Sometimes when you read something, the mood of the comment may be lost. I didn't want to seem like a jerk. Thanx for being down to earth. Good quality to have.


spaceagent said...

No, no, Skippy would just be wrong. Poor puppy! He wouldn't have any doggie friends. My vote is for Buster.

While watching Red Eye last nite I couldn't help thinking that if you and Anna Gilligan were on the same show together, the men watching wouldn't be able to stand it. It would be too overwhelming having that much beauty and glamour on at the same time. TV sets all over the country would start smoking! Viagra sales would plummet!

Anonymous said...

On a different subject. I was watching Real World last night, and those pesky little passive aggressive girls had me peeved. They only changed their opinion of Parissa after they saw how the guys didn't feel the way they did. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they have chosen to get along with Parissa. But at least think for yourselves for heaven's sake. I'm not real fond of that new girl. I'm having trouble remembering her name. Don't even get me started on Dunbar. *snap, snap, snap.* I couldn't even watch the Hills after that. I was too emotionally drained. I'm glad I got that off my chest...*whewww*.