Thursday, December 06, 2007


How odd is it that just when I say I need my comments, they get stuck in some comment holding place? Some comment purgatory? Some comment queueueueue? I think it's weird. And it makes me feel powerful. I just haven't figured out how yet to harness that power. So I have a post banging around in my head about how people keep confusing me with Julia Allison (and her with me) and yet I can't quite bring myself to write it for fear of exacerbating the situation or appearing to somehow want to glom on to her internet popularity. In fact, I think the whole phenomenon of her (and it's likely just a local thing) is something warranting some kind of boring academic semiotics based discussion and yet I won't do it, because I don't want to be responsible for any attention about the attention (meta-attention? metattention? blech), good or bad. But I will say that at first it was just fan letters and the occasional question that had nothing to do with me ("You're really good friends with Rachel Sklar, right?" to which I'd say "No, you're thinking of Julia Allison.") (I've also received questions about Halloween costumes I had no intention of wearing, compliments on my HD debut, questions about why I hadn't been on Red Eye lately when I'd been on the night before, etc. I don't know what she gets about me, but she told me she's gotten mail meant for me. But then a Fox security guard told me he gets us confused because "you look just like each other" which takes this to a whole new level because I thought it was the name and the TONY association plus maybe the dark hair. So, that's weird, because looking like her is very much not how I see myself, though I'm becoming more and more aware that I don't see myself as I appear. Um, I lost my train of thought. Okay then!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I think you are right about this being a local thing because I've never heard of this person of whom you speak. Not that it would matter, cause no one could hold a candle compared to you. I can see how that could be frustrating though. Thats all for now.


Eddie said...

So by bringing this Julia Allison/Alison Rosen confusion to the attention of your blog community aren't you actually feeding off of it a little? I don't where you could be mistaken for each other, but what do I know. It seems like you have a ton of names coming in for the dog, so good luck with that. Butter your toast.

Anonymous said...

I just googled Julia Allison. Doesn't that sound dirty? She is attractive in her own right. But I fail to see the resemblance. She does seem to love herself from the pictures I saw on her site. But isn't that the greatest love of all? (I'm holding up a lighter while typing this.) I love pre-crack Whitney Houston. Also, I see what you mean about those tumble blog thingies. I've never seen one before. They seem kind of pointless to me.


Ted, Happy to be Posting said...

Hey Twitchy,

Oh no, that was a dog name recommendation...NOT addressed to YOU! OMG please don't ban me for another day! I ate an entire box of Honey Smacks yesterday because of the stress of your power! Well maybe just a bowl.

If you don't like Oreo, which I think is perfect then try "googly bear" on for size!

Julia who? Actually she is a very pretty girl but a bit immature to watch. You on the other hand project beauty, power, elegance, grace & sophistication...did I forget to mention beauty. What is interesting to note though, when I watched some of your 1 Thing to do segments you project a much younger, giddy, on-the-fly type personality. Those video segments remind me of a college media class. If I hear your boss say "Editor and Chief" one more time...argh!

I saw these the other day and thought of Greg's blender joke (Don't ask for the last two minutes of your life back, no refunds):

Ted from Management said...

Alison Rosen, if sexiness were spam email, I'd gladly fill her inbox!

I just watched the Red Eye viewer mail from last night, it was soooooo funny!

I went to Julia Allison's blog to checkout the buzz but there was none. I can't see any comparisons.

I also went to Shira's blog and actually felt sorry for her...almost nobody posts comments and she tries really hard to be funny and cute (she is definitely cute). You have a good thing going Twitchy...I mean Miss Rosen...damn it that slipped! Sorry won't happen again.

This is the jerk who stood in front of me, in line, while I was trying to get the WII. I also wanted a Guitar Hero III and the I Phone:

Anonymous said...

I don’t see any resemblance.
You’re both attractive. You’re both smart-asses. Under the layers of smartassitude, Julia seems to be mean-spirited while you seem to be sensitive and sweet---which is far more appealing. Maybe it was your display of Facts of Life trivia that won me over----not because I’m a fanatic of that show----but I admire that fact that you allowed yourself to appear “uncool” and also the fact that you could recall so many details shows intelligence which is a major turn-on. (Down, boy). Since then I’ve felt compelled to tell you how great you are. “Don’t fawn!” has always been my little sisters advice. “And don’t put yourself down,” she says. (2 of my fav pastimes!)
To summarize: You and Julia are both hot, but you are hot on more levels.
Chris M.

Ryan said...

The only thing I thought was similar about you and Julia was your age, which I guessed to be about 24-25.

There is no way you're 32. That MySpace has to be fake.