Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'll be on Red Eye Tonight

So watch! I'll be wearing either brown or greenish blue. Exciting!


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. I'm always giddy when you're gonna be on Red Eye. Here's something off the wall. I just wonder Ali, if while on t.v. someone starts to get the giggles for no apparent reason. And if so, how do you explain it to the people you're on the show with. So here's my sociological experiment of the day. I just wonder if you happen to read this, will this go into the back of your mind, and while you know the camera is on you, you can't help but chuckle a little bit. Maybe even uncontrollably. I'm leaning toward you remaining professional, and something this silly won't even be given a second thought. Yes, I'm prepared to look stupid tomorrow. Have a good show. We'll all be watching!


Ted said...

I bet she cracks Michael..I bet she starts laughing and can't finish a sentence. That is going to be classic.

Good luck Alison...he he

Ok, here is the secret code for your bloggers...instead of heavy blue eye shadow...make it really heavy blue eye shadow this time! :)

Have you abandoned the It's Just Word Play Blog? I get so confused where to post my brilliance.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:


Glenn Quagmire

Ted from the Laundromat said...

I just watched a TIVOd Red Eye and they had a Cotton Candy intro...not as good as mine but maybe I inspired it...

Here is a good one:

If creativity & sexiness were a Diaper Genie, she'd take all my dirty loads.

or if sexiness was a washing machine she'd take all my dirty loads.

This one seems so basic its probably been used.

Anonymous said...

I hope so Ted. It would be pretty cool to see her laugh a little bit, and see the others look at her all crazy like. This is like my own little tv reality show. I'm still working on the title. It's just for shits and giggles. It's not meant to be mean spirited in any way. Now I gotta go take a nap!


Anonymous said...

This is definitely going to be a Red Eye worth watching!

SWISHERCO.com said...

I like looks and brains... Like I am all that

Big Guy said...

Alison, why doesn't Greg let you in the studio anymore? You are always relegated to a remote location. Is it because Bill can't keep his hands off of you?

JP said...

Alison, you should be on Red Eye every night.

It was quite a humorous show last night though. Rich Vos wasn't as entertaining as he usually is, but Bill Schultz made up for any blunders whatsoever with his Transformers pajama shirt.

Ted said...

Ted's Post Game Wrap:

Alison: WOW, The FORCE is strong with this one Michael. Crap, I don't think she laughed once! Our plan was a total failure. However, did you see the nose twitch or face twitch during the Pork chop segment. If it was a nose twitch that was soooooo hot (Bewitched). I think it was a nose twitch...please tell us it was a nose twitch!

"Frottage and Persuasion of the Forbidden dance" - That was the sexiest line ever said on Red Eye.

You should have thrown an intro line back at Greg again...your the only guest with the balls enough to do it...that is of course if you had them...which you don't...which makes this sound stupid so I will switch to intestinal fortitude.

The viewer email was funny.

Is Courtney's smile a permanent thing?

Make it stop...Make it stop:

Whelchel, Lisa appeared in Facts of Life Down Under, which starred Leachman, Cloris who appeared in Demon Murder Case, which starred Bacon, Kevin

Fields, Kim appeared in Comeback Kid, which starred Ritter, John who appeared in Hero at Large which starred Bacon, Kevin

Cohn, Mindy appeared in "facts of life, which starred Hallowell, Todd who appeared in Apollo 13 which starred Bacon, Kevin

Rae, Charlotte appeared in Another Woman's Husband which starred Kirkland, Sally who appeared in JFK which starred Bacon, Kevin

Mckeon, Nancy appeared in Firefighter which starred Irizarry, Vincent who appeared in "Guiding Light, The which starred Bacon, Kevin

Astin, Mackenzie appeared in Dream for an Insomniac which starred Aniston, Jennifer who appeared in Picture Perfect which starred Bacon, Kevin

Anonymous said...

Alrighty then. I'm not sure what cliche' fits here. Is it, I am eating crow? Or, I have egg on my face. Not really sure. So just color me ridiculous. I gave it the ole' college try. It was an interesting show last night. I thought your comments were very witty, and you looked gorgeous as always. You tricked us on the colors you would be wearing. But, that's what makes it fun. Well, needless to say I haven't slept much, so I'm not feeling all to witty right now. Well, Im off to finish up my beauty sleep. Adios!!


Tom said...

Saw you on Red Eye - awesome as always. You and Suzanne Sena are the two hottest women on Red Eye - bar-none, though Suzanne has not been on much lately. Courtney Friel thinks she is hottest - she's not. She's always making love to herself on camera - very annoying. No one should be that self-aware on TV. Anna Gilligan is annoying too. She projects that air of New York self-importance that just isn't cool (I'm from NY originally, LA now) and she can't back it up with much. You could back it up, but thankfully you are not self-important. Not only are you funny and dangerously attractive, you are also fast on your feet and probably an above average party guest. Also, I want to add your blog to a media resource I do freelance research for. It would be good for your blog and good for the resource. Hey, it pays for my starving writer habit. I was a TV Development Exec at Paramount, but left all that behind to write. Many of my peers think that was a dumbass move...the jury's still out, but my money is on it being a dumbass move. As for the dog, I think you have to name it: Wise Old Man because...it looks like a wise old man. You rock. Let me know about the blog - we'll add to its chic (and revenue raising potential).

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen any activity today. I hope all is well Ali.


GospelJohn.net said...

I always love your appearances on RedEye... It's a good thing I recently returned to being self-employed (read - quit the 9-5 job) so I can stay up late and watch you.

You were on with Arden Myrin too... I was in hog heaven!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely going to be a Red Eye worth watching!

And it was a Red Eye worth watching! Despite the lack of a Greg-alogue.