Sunday, May 03, 2009

Look, a post with tons of photos!

It seems to me I'm way overdue in terms of posting. Allow me to rectify that with a crapload of photos.

In this one I made my friends pose for a photo with me and then I took it and this is what came out, thus proving I only have eyes for me. Sadly this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

Here I am with my friend Yami.

Here's me and Yami in the foreground and Matt in the background. I'm telling you, I'm kind of gifted when it comes to photography.

Here's me and Yami and Jo.

Here's Tobey looking up at my mom and being adorable.

Here's me trying on tons of sunglasses at Costco.

And then I decided I wanted to put one of these in the middle of my living room

Here's the dog park where my parents take Tobey. Sadly he doesn't like dogs. He's afraid of them.
Here's a really agreeable balcony we saw on Balboa Island.
Here's a little boy pointing to the seals that had taken over a boat near the island.

Here's the boy playing with Tobey, who happens to be beloved by children. He's like the Velveteen Rabbit, only real. Okay maybe that wasn't the best analogy. Anyway the next day this little girl came up in a stroller and began talking to Tobey and my mom and after they chatted for awhile (she also had a Maltese but it died, it was named Pebbles after the TV she told us) her dad said, "Say goodbye now." She looked at my mom and me and said, "bye bye" and then looked at Tobey and said, "woof woof." It was one of the best things I've seen/heard in a long time.

You can kind of see the seals here, but only kind of. If you look between the two white posts they're the dark mass closer to the right post.

Here's the view of the water from the little island. There's a big island and a little island on Balboa. I think there is at least. I'm terrible with directions and geography and topography and cartography and calligraphy and epidemiology and psychology and hagiography and biology and yoyology (study of yo-yos)
Here's Tobey in the car.

Here's a photo from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. I spent the longest time trying to come up with a leprechaun pun and then gave up.

Ducks at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.
Cherry blossoms at the BBG.
More cherry blossoms.
Okay so I'm posting these out of order. Here's a photo taken a couple nights ago in California in front of Detroit, which isn't in Michigan, it's in Costa Mesa. We were standing there and then this woman came up and took our photo. I can't remember why we went back to back. Probably because we were fighting crime.

And then here I am on the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. Have I explained that I got a call at 8am to be on air at 9am? I'm still talking about it. They didn't even have time for mascara. Thank God I'm so naturally effervescent and also modest.
And then here's where I made this face.

And then here's where I smiled as if desperately looking for approval.

Here's where I said something magnificent.

Here's where I was incredulous and/or waiting for my turn to speak.


Joe said...

Wow - great pics!!

Photo #6 had me fooled... I thought you went fishing and got caught on some lures.

It's hard to make out the seals, but I've been to Pier 39 in San Francisco many times and there are dozens of them there. They're fun to watch, but they SMELL!!!!

I wonder what the YES on the balcony was all about. And I wonder if there's a place in Michigan called Costa Mesa. Seems only fair.

Oh, and I'm dying to read the book by the Jolie-Pitt bodyguard. No, not really.

They could have used you on Friday night's Red Eye, Alison. Huckabee hosted. Let's just say it wasn't their finest hour. Shoulda been you.

karpaydm said...

Woof woof.

anna David said...

honestly, this pics are amazing. who knew you looked so fantastic without mascara?

your tobey's pretty cute too, even though he spells his name wrong.

okay i'm having a hell of a time posting this comment -- when i transferred from blogger to wordpress, blogger deleted me and is now trying to claim i don't exist -- so not even sure this is going to work...

Trapp said...

Actually, I was thinking Alison should have been ombudsman. No offense to Ron Guraci(sp?) fans.

Host, sure. But less stress Ombudsing, I would think.

These are fine photos. I hate when someone's vacation shots are all perfect. This looks like you had fun.

It's not everyone who can get away with sticking their mug that close to the camera, either, but you pull that off very well indeed. If I did that, they'd stop selling cameras.

But you have what they might have called in the olden days, "A good face". That's one reason why everybody likes you.

Trapp said...

It's also a beautiful face. Forgive me if I seemed insensitive. I'm just trying to pay a compliment without it coming off like I'm here because I'm looking for a date.

I'm saying that you have a natural charm, beauty, and talent that will take you as far as you want to go.

Anonymous said...

"I thought you went missing because a group of pirates captured you and forced you to answer Perez Hilton's unanswerable questions that you can never escape from even after giving your best shot.I think I just found a new and safe alternative to Water-Boarding."

MR said...

Alison, when are we going to rally your fans against the common enemy of everyone who isn't a fan?

I want to strategize your dominance.

We'll need to divide our enemies against themselves using dissimulation and subterfuge.

Toddrod said...

I love it when you post a lot of pics, Alison! You know I love more than lots of pics? Lots of comments to describe those pics! Nothing is better than knowing what you are looking at!


Chi_Mike said...

Very cool pics, as usual. My favorite is the one with the sunglasses, although the blurry one showing the tops of you and your friends heads and Mr. Fuzzy in the background is truly art. I have to agree about Redeye, wasn't their greatest work, would have been much better with you giving Schultz another smack down.


Ted from Accounting said...

That Costco pic was hilarious!