Thursday, April 02, 2009

Signs points to violence

Dustin sent me this. I had to avert my eyes because I love Magic 8 Balls too much. WHY why why would you put something you love through this? I'm reminded of the time a friend of my sister's casually asked if he could disassemble the Magic 8 Ball. It didn't go well for him. Also, everyone knows the blue fluid inside the ball is the same liquid they use to test the absorbancy of tampons! Duh. Also, is absorbancy not a word? Because it's got a squiggly red line under it suggesting it isn't. It kind of should be though.

UPDATE: I added the link and apparently absorbency is a word. Absorbancy is not.


karpaydm said...

That was a very cool link!

You could make a whole slew of themed magic eight balls to make your decisions for you:

1) What to have for dinner?
2) What sexual position to use?
3) What body part? Could be good for choosing tattoo placement, enemy dismemberment, etc.

I could go on, but I will spare you. Again, a wasted million dollar idea on your blog Alison. I hope you are writing these down.

KarpayDM (Scott)

It Takes Balls said...

The brutality ...

Ted from Accounting said...

Dustin is always the party pooper! Be careful Alison, he might try and do that to your 8 Ball at the next VLOG....

Everyone hide your balls from Dustin!
8 Balls that is!