Saturday, April 04, 2009

Q&A vlog

kinda blurry and sort of depressing!


Prototype 3: Rise of the Machine said...

Hmm...interesting responses.

I, too, have been going through a state of depression. But the severity of it is a little greater. There's just been a lot of things going on in my life simultaneously and they all starting to hit me pretty hard. Everything that has transpired within the last 4-5 years has finally caught up with me. Looking back, my life has been plagued by regrets, disappointments, and sadness. I've had a lot of cycles of depressions before, but this one is a little different.

Thank you for vlogging, Alison.

Trapp said...

Actually, I didn't find this vlog depressing at all. You have a very soothing voice. Indeed, this could be your first music video! And I like the humming. Definitely.

Chins up, everyone. It's just transition time. The spring is here. Time for renewal. Put the regrets behind, and forge on to the best which is yet to come.

Proto, you're in your 20's, getting ready to graduate? The late 20s and 30s get so much better. The 30s were awesome. You're really going to like them. My favorite time of life. Still strong as a bull, but relaxed, and comfortable.

Rock on, my brutha!

It Takes Balls said...

I'd package it as unconventional interviews for a show. Instead of doing the standard press junket replay it would be Alison's Interviews that you won't see anywhere else. Chin up Alison. Doing a little contemplation and self reflection is fine as long as you make sure you have others there to keep you honest and prevent you from going negative. Sometimes a lack of structure can lead to depression. Maybe a little self imposed structure that involves walking a dog? Yes, I'm telling you to buy a puppy and then walk it into traffic. Hope ya feel better soon :)

Ted from Accounting said...

Disappointing!?!?! Huh!?!?! That was the single greatest VLOG ever! First off, you answered one of my questions....did you see that guys!?!?! Holy crap....I'm the King of the Blog (picture me at the front of the Titanic - my arms stretched out).

I wouldn't call it depression...more of a funk! No need to be in a funk Ro Ro, because you have the single greatest, funniest, best looking blogger / commenter ever....that's right you have Joe McDonald! No, wait, not Joe, I mean ME! Joe is great but he certainly isn't a Todd or a Brett or Trapp....definitely not a Prototype Demo or any of those douche bags that come on...See my point have AWESOME blogging fans! Hopefully that cheers you up because...Alison, you cheer us up everyday by hosting! Okay okay, I was talking about Joe at the start...but you get me as his evil sidekick too!

I have no problem with your new baby as long as you name it Ted B. Goodlove JR and live up to your previous RE comment, "I'd never let a bun in the oven get in the way of my good time!"

Peace out sucka and cheer up...because you are AWESOME!

b said...

I'm with Ted, I'd attribute it to a late winter early spring funk.

Personally small town politics has been kicking me squarely in the balls over and over. It's mostly my fault for giving certain people the opportunity to frame me in a bad light, but at this point I don't care. If I win, I'll be resigning right away. I've had my fill of that snake pit.

I am a bit distressed by my inability to get in sync with AMR's Q&A vlogs notices. I love these things.

Also, unless you marry Quasimoto Alison, you will bear some beautiful children. And your little of puppies, cutie as buttons.

Robert said...

Getting out of bed is overrated. You don't have a good reason to get out of bed? That is great. Stay in bed. Sleep more. Sleeping is great. I love to sleep. Have more dreams. I heard people who sleep and dream a lot are more creative. I think I am going to go take a nap.

Brett Jones said...

Fyi, that post from "B" was really from me. I feel I should get all the credit for the posts I make here. I have a personal quota I'm trying to fill. If I make the mark I get a lollipop.

Also, "little" was meant to be litter. My hands type the words they want regardless what my brain tells them. It's like a polite version of written word turrets.

MR said...

Since we're all talking about depression, I wanted to bring up the narcissism topic again.

I think you and your readers would love this link:

Obama, Oprah, and the Guru: Malignant Narcissism

They make a great critique of the cult of Oprah and Obama.

It is a religious site, but, they make a lot of good points.

Ali, if you want help attacking cultural icons like Oprah with no remorse...I'd be happy to help at the drop of a dime, for no cost at all, actually, I'll pay you!

Take your resentment out on Oprah.

I guarantee you can become a media sensation (well, a bigger one) if you attack and denigrate Oprah.

Maybe you can stay in bed as a protest like John Lennon, that presumptuous pinko.

Eagerly awaiting the next vlog from your bed.

You're a sensation Ali, we love you back.

MR said...

Woops, my link got cut off.

Jaqob Jackson said...

You need FLAX OIL and also to press some heavy weights in the gym. ANd you need to eat 2 crowns of broccoli a day.

Do that and all of the troubles you are feeling physically will vanish, I totally swear. Totally.

Major bummed that you didn't respond to any of my questions I asked on Twitter...yet again :(

david munns said...

I love the hum!