Saturday, April 18, 2009


I'm overdue in posting photos so here I go. What a wonderful Saturday surprise for you, right?

Here I am with Jeff Bakalar and Wilson Tang from CNET's The 404.

Here's Jeff during the show.

Here's me before the show.

Here's Jeff, Justin and Wilson the night before at The 404 Meetup.

Here's me looking achingly beautiful in the car on the way home from Tuesday's Red Eye appearance.

I'm happy about the way this camera captures the blue color of my skin. It's a new embalming fluid I'm using. I think it's really working!

Here I am in the green room of Red Eye. Fun fact: It's also the green room used by Morning Show w/ Mike and Juliet and Hannity.

Here's a public restroom key on a giant key chain. I think giant keychains are funny, especially if they happen to be toothbrushes or something related to the business which houses the bathroom. This wasn't a giant wooden stick store though, it was a cafe. How uncreative! Anyway though when I walked out brandishing said key I mumbled to something in line about how I almost lost the key! No one thought it was funny. Or rather, no one else thought it was funny. (I had a hearty chuckle at my joke though.)

Here's a tree in Brooklyn which I uploaded on twitpic with the caption "Coward!"

Here's a pinball machine featuring the likeness of Courtney Friel I think. "Oh my God, I know her!" I exclaimed, pointing to the pinball machine and taking a photo.

"No way! I know her too!" I said, pointing to Ms. Pacman and taking a photo.


Trapp said...

The embalming fluid joke is awesome.

Another amusing thing about that giant key chain, is that if the intention is to keep someone from walking off with it, it's probably not a good idea to brandish them with a weapon.

Isn't the yellow thing in the "Coward!" photo supposed to be a bush? Speaking as an expert in yard neglect, that picture says to me, "I'm only supposed to be a foot or so tall, but nobody's bothered to trim me in about five years."

Oh yes. My yard mocks me.

Goldgrinch said...

There was a rumor going around back in the day that some of the feminist groups were upset that the Pac-man game was a metaphor for the man on the prowl, aka 'the player' or 'pick up artist'.. devouring his conqests. As someone who believes in conspiracy theories (only for the reason that uncovering one is a quicker way to fame and fortune than McBlogging)I was quick to point out the yellow color of the P-man was probably representative of the many venerial diseases he carried. Miss Pac Man was therefore an attempt by the gaming manufacturer to placate the angry by empowering a female with the same ability to devour mates. Popular for many years..alas, the demise of the Miss P-Man series was seen as related to the rise in popularity of Sex and the City.

Ted from Accounting said...

The 404 show was great! I still thought my Bucakkee comment was funny! Plus, you mentioned something about it being written on your blog but I missed that....I was just referring to the conversation during the show!

The 404 guys are pretty cool!

Toddrod said...

Wilson is a pretty attractive guy (at least in that picture with you and Jeff from the 404). If he asked you out Alison, would you go out with him? He's got good lips. Did you notice?