Friday, April 17, 2009

The 404 post-show diner chatter

I have lots of blog posts in me, kids. It's why I'm walking around holding my lower back and panting. Any minute now I expect my blog water to break and then I'll retire to my birthing hut where I'll give birth to a litter of bloglings.

Anyway, today I was on The 404. Here's their post about it and you can listen there too. And below is a post-show video.


Scott said...

I'm so bummed--I was already to watch you at 8:00 AM this morning (my time) and then I found out you weren't going to be on 'til later and I got busy doing stuff and by the time I had a chance to check the 404 out later in the day there was only about a minute left in the show. :(

If you're never gonna make it out to Seattle and I have to settle for being the protective big brother--I wouldn't mind seeing you go out with one of those guys, they all seem pretty cool and any one of them would probably worship you. They definitely give off a better vibe than Dustin as far as being a potential boyfriend.

I can kinda tell you're into them too and wanted to look good 'cause you wore your silver honeycomb earrings. You know you look hot in those--they're like wearing a push-up bra for you earlobes. :)-

Trapp said...

Thanks for posting the link. That was really fun and interesting to listen to.

I'm not getting the impression that I'm going to want to visit The Delancey any time soon, though. The last time I was at a bar with a trough in the men's room, it had vomit in it.

Anonymous said...

"I'm sorry you did not beat Ashton Kutcher in getting the most followers on Twitter. Perhaps it's a lack of a gimmick that you needed for the rest of the world to see such as removing a piece of clothing for every thousand new viewers that join you as a twitter buddy (Excuse me for this tasteless post)."

Ted from Accounting said...

I still like the PALTALK format better! Diana's show is more interactive IMO! And MO is sooooo important! IMO!