Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who, What, Where, When, Why: Cruise Ship Edition

Who... gave me these coconuts?

What... happened on the poop deck?

Where... are my sea legs?

When... did we get married?

Why... is Kathie Lee Gifford winking at me?


Your BFF Ted said...

I wouldn't write Poop Deck or Brett will interpret that into some Lesbian fascination of yours! J/K

Any word on Todd's release date?

Joe said...

I worked with a guy who really hated Kathie Lee. He used to call her Kathie Me. I still laugh about that.

Toddrod said...

I like Kathie Lee Gifford! Well I liked her at one time. I can't believe her husband cheated on her with that chick who looked really good in Playboy a few months after all of that went down. I even purchased that Playboy magazine. I have no idea Kathie Lee saw that magazine, but I bet Frank, her husband, has!


P.S. Ted I'm back from Vegas

Trapp said...

I think I have answers to some of these questions.

I believe it was the good Lord who gave you those coconuts. Your sea legs are just below the poop deck, and no doubt, you would marry me only if at rifle point, and probably not even then.

As for Kathie Lee, I think it's just that she's turning into Popeye.

P.S. Welcome back Toddrod, and a shout out to Ted, because my verification word happens to be "tedai". Is that the plural of Ted?