Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is awesome

I watched Heathers about a million times when I was a youngster and even wrote a paper about it in college so this news is pretty exciting.

In other less exciting news, where is Dustin? How are we supposed to vlog plus go to Throwing Muses when we're only going to have time for Throwing Muses? Eh, that's ok. My face feels red anyway (I've discussed this Rudolph syndrome with you, yes? Yes.)


Brett B said...

Daniel Waters tried to delve back into dark comedy with "Sex and Death 101"... there was definitely a "Heathers" vibe...but it fell flat. "Heathers" was a great film. I use to watch the hell out of "The Breakfast Club"... "Weird Science"... and "Fast Times At Ridgemont High."

Toddrod said...

Maybe Dustin was on a date?


JaysonB said...

Yes? No.

karpaydm said...

Heathers the Musical? That is whack! Or is it wack? I watched that movie like a million times in college. We only had 3 movies: Heathers, Better Off Dead, and House Party. I have seen them all WAY too many times. and can quote pretty much any line in any of them. Doesn't go over well at parties.

When I met my future inlaws for the first time, my girlfriend went to rent a movie for us all to watch. Since she never saw Heathers and knew I loved it she rented it and insisted we all watched it together. I was MORTIFIED. I remember the line "F me gently with a chainsaw" and everyone in the room looked at me like I was the devil. To top it off, I accidentally put their poodle in the oven and bumped the BROIL button.

Come to think of it, I think I might have done the same thing to Dustin.


Anonymous said...

"I hope you enjoy watching your rock band.As you do that, I'll enjoy listening to mines (Music in the background: I'm hot, you're cold
You go around like you know
Who I am, but you don't
You've got me on my toes......)"

Your BFF Ted said...

Sup party people! The only musical I know is Grease (The Original Movie)...I'm just not that entertained by them!

That was a slick move inviting Ro Ro to your high school event Joe! If blogging is a Chess match, you always out think the rest of us!

P.S. - If Miss Rosen won't attend, I bet one of the other bloggers would go with you! :)

Joe said...

Ali Ro is still my first choice, Ted. She hasn't officially turned me down - she's just playing impossible to get.

And there's one big factor on my side - I know how much she loves Prime Rib.

Your BFF Ted said...

Damn you Joe!

Alison did I ever mention I cook a great Prime Rib!?!?!? Well, not really, but I do reheat some good Prime Rib from Costco!

Toddrod said...

Is there a Prime Rib place we can have the Alison Rosen official luncheon in NYC? That sounds awesome!


Lew Moore said...

I hope there is a song entitled "F**k Me Gently With a Chainsaw"! That is a line from "Heathers" I will never forget and use often...well I use it often in my head that is...